Rianne Van Rompaey ‘Command Performance’ By Theo Sion For Vogue UK June 2019

Rianne Van Rompaey is limber like a marionette in ‘Command Performance’ By Theo Sion For Vogue UK, June 2019. All her talent needs is a camera and captivating costume, and she’s set to stun. Her energy is infectious as she jumps through each frame like a avant-garde puppet on parade. Rianne brings forth a series of balletic positions with perfect posture and limber execution. Breathing life into the event, her buoyant attitude evokes a sense of spirit rising. This is a tale of too much never being enough. This is untamed. The sinuous spiraling, the undulating rhythm of the serpentine line leads us to see the arabesque of she. This isn’t about a young girl trying on a pair of shoes or spinning around in a twirling skirt. This is about a woman who steps into the scintillating shoes of high fashion. Like a clown a cartoon a bird or a balloon, she brings to mind all things that can’t be held to the ground.

This captivating performance captures the mind, with her unique ability to hold herself in high pose. A special attribute that lends itself to the believably of her work. She is graceful in her execution. She is at one moment simple… at one moment complex. It’s not the stretch of her acting it’s the owning of her will. It’s remarkable to watch this young woman work. Rianne brings to the table a sense of focus and by extension purpose, not always enjoyed by our current crop of models. The raw, unexpected actions she takes in front of the camera leads to unexpected results. Today I wish to coin a phrase that indicates my deep admiration and my sole appreciation for her (and those on her level). Revel in the realness and make #RealLikeRianne.

Lines intertwine on fashions that shine… flowing with designs that are supremely divine. Contrasting elements project excitement with pictures of pleats fanning out in fantastical view. This is a feast for the eyes. Blocks of black, white, blue and red are set against lines of abstract expression. Artistry is executed with a preciseness that delivers details. This is a combination of haute couture in creative motion. Changing looks are fresh with fantasy, as Venetia Scott has fun executing this season’s high fashion fiesta. Going avant-garde allows each style a moment to meet perfection. Syd Hayes creates conceptual coiffure that plays to the theme, hyping hair fresh with fantasy and fun. Rapid mood swings revel in the lunatic fringe with a showstopping presentation that celebrates the crazy side of coiffure.

Rianne Van Rompaey gives a plethora of raw emotions with serious impact. Her hypnotic range takes us from giggling to glaring, while light dances across her radiant skin. Miranda Joyce propels this story into the next dimension, with makeup that focuses entirely on the eyes. Art asks that we explore more, with face painting that builds visually arresting imagery. Dark shadow rocks the proverbial house, with an intense stare defined by black squares. Beauty builds up/over the brows, creating two over-sized shapes that sit on the eyes like glasses w/o wires. A teal line rides the lower lids, giving the abstract addition dimension. In another shot a line-dash sits in the middle of the lower eye, giving the illusion a sense of depth redefined. Her skin kisses the aire as drama is met with dynamic flare. There’s fluidity to her face that makes you feel like she is in constant motion.

The Provocateur who didn’t know she was so, or is it true that this is merely a rue. That is the rawness of Rianne. So, like the poet who didn’t know it, her talent exceeds the norm, allowing us to sink into the depth of her storm. Her beauty is brought to us in stages. True art is not obvious beauty, rather it’s an intensity which can exist in any atmosphere and flourish in any situation. This truth allows her to morph into anything inside the world of pretty, ugly, sad, somber, sweet (etal). Or any other verbose verbiage you can conjure. One gets the impression that this young woman doesn’t bother herself with the camera and all it’s folly. She is immersed in the idea of story telling. Isn’t that simply refreshing?

a clown a cartoon a bird or a balloon, she brings to mind all things that can’t be held to the ground…