Wan Yu in ‘Suit (un)tie’ by Stefan Dotter for Vogue Portugal May 2019

The mist settles over the night sky. Soft in it’s embrace. It holds a secret…

Like a verse before the bridge a moment lingers in the aire. Silence awakens as time stands still. The heart beats as breath enters the body. Bringing with it gentle change. Slow at first… then truth takes hold. Beauty begins. The music of the night appears as the moment enters the atmosphere. The rise gathers momentum. Holding us in cradled harmony, the metaphysical movement is alive opening up the sanguine sky. Colors caress the senses as a giant, red circle arrives. We are illuminated by the night. High on life. Transparency morphs as elements evolve. Clarity captures portions of the picture while the mist swallows the remaining view. Abstract elements fuse as layers are linked. Effects allow pictures to progress. Beauty Breathes… Symbolism Speaks…. Imagery Evolves.

Tactile temptations transform… turning layers of background noise into transcendent sound. Nature is Art. Art is Nature. Both are one in the same. Behind the haze of Springtime comes the darken days of rain. Don’t Run… Don’t Hide… Don’t Be Frightened by the fury, for it comes from inside. I do not resist this change, I am instead inspired by the transformation it offers forth. Tree limbs cut through clouds, from the trunk they grow out… screaming aloud. Passionate persuasion is perfectly imperfect. They are not quiet in their demeanor, but distant in their display.

clouds come to reshape the sky… billowing in fortune’s fury… they are here to say goodbye… held in all my fair light… I won’t be blinded by the night… cast upon the silk sky… I will say Au revoir… to the ‘Suit (un)tie’     poetic prose – tanyajo