Blésnya Minher by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine June-July 2019

Blésnya Minher is lost in paradise in ‘Paradis perdu’ by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine, June-July 2019. The prose I give forth is a poetic depiction of what I’m calling, Woman Rising. Here the art of femininity is expressed. I can feel her spirit connect with mine, as it is in that rare connection that I feel the combination rise. That is art as it transcends the visual platform and enters the mental landscape. Common associations can be made in those rare moments of interconnection. It’s less about physical reality than mental attachment. Nature and nurture collide. Nothing is left to the imagination as we are gifted with a kind of completeness often lacking in today’s editorials.

Bernat Buscato creates a kind of symphony of style with fashions that fuse with the atmosphere that surround. He hits every note with such precision we are all but lost in the music of this moment. Each design detail is part of the storytelling process, while every style projects a sense of symmetry with the surroundings. Avant-garde artistry floats free in a sea of high fashion tranquility, working to elevate the atmosphere. Material mimics elements of the natural setting, with flowing dresses that look like coral or a beaded shawl in the form of a crocheted dream-catcher. Here we see each piece of fashion as an extension of nature. Buscato blends the beauty of these opposing worlds so completely, it’s as if we are experiencing a parallel universe. This is the music of the natural world on display. This is exquisite!

Victor Alvarez embraces the elements of nature, in all it’s glory, as he brushes her face with hints of barely-there color. This minimal approach allows her features to blend into the environment in a way that feels authentic to the story. Her complexion is ripe with youth and beauty, as her stunning skin is the color of caramel while her eyes shine in the same hue. Blésnya appears like a Goddess. In one, dynamic image blue cascades down her face and over her shoulder, in honor of the sky above and the sea below. In another, she floats on a sea of calm waters as orange erupts from the depths below. Rising to the surface like fire burning under the water’s edge, we experience the art of aqua explode.

She is a zenith rising. She is one with the universe. She is the beauty we find in the sunrise and the reflection of love we see in the sunset. She is our future…. for in the fair waters where hope does swim lives a stillness I am touched by… a truth that states that all things that end do begin yet again. That is The Balance of Nature. The state of equilibrium. In which disturbing one element disturbs the whole system. And, while I do admit that sounds somewhat obvious, it does open up a dialogue on the idea of systematic, ecological balance. A state in which nature is always seeking. We are an extension of this grand system. To inhabit such richness we must be willing to give of ourselves. It has not been created for us, we have been born unto it, and thereby have a responsibility to protect it.

Spirits are Reflected in Sight and Mind as Beauty Beams Becoming One in Kind

In the vaporous turnings of voracious delights centers this story in the middle of flight. Where air does catch under your wings and hope does gather your heart as it sings. In the vast undertaking of human condition we cast ourselves out to discover our place in the universe. Stripped of our standing we find ourselves floating in a sea of calm. Waters caress the skin like the wings of an angel. Txema Yeste’s phenomenal picture of the physical world has given us a gift of ~ Mother Earth.  poetic prose tanyajo