Devon Windsor in ‘White Noise’ by Enrique Vega for Vogue Taiwan May 2019

Devon Windsor rides the winds of ‘White Noise’ by Enrique Vega for Vogue Taiwan, May 2019. Art bends as it breaks, forming around her body like so much light finding it’s way home. Daring to weave together bravery at hand leaving us lost in a faraway land. Campbell Ritchie captures the element of exotic with pearled pieces affixed to the face. Ritchie’s work is subtle yet strong. Her makeup morphs taking us to a place of pure poetry. Devon’s face gives off an ethereal glow with an array of stunning expressions. In some shots the brows are bleached to the point of extinction, with a white upper-line mixed with a dark one below. Then, as if the face is changing on command, they become a shade of soft yellow. Strangely, a style that is equal parts stand-out and silent. A Feast (of) the Eyes. The lips stay mostly silent, making these shots a symbol of visual strength.

Chanel steals the show as high fashion proper plays backup to the cinema of creative accessories. A bold necklace falls down her chest spelling out the famed fashion-house name, while the earrings split the difference with CHA hanging in one ear and NEL in the other. The presentation is powerful. Ilaria Niccolini uses the amped up accessory idea to her benefit by including an array of exquisite add-ons. Tucked perfectly over the ears is an organic piece of dark fabric covered in black pearls. Attaching at the side of the face… a veiled victory takes a stand as black netting sprawls across the eyes. While in the next shot fitted, white netting starts at the chin and makes it’s way up the head only to let go and spread out in form. We see just a peak of a black, feathered headdress lined with crystal flowers. And ending with a see-thru chiffon hat that falls on one side only to make a dramatic ascent on the other.   BRAVA!!!


her bright skin

enlightens the sky

filling the night

with a gentle cry

to stare to long

in such loveliness

we are lost…

intensity overwhelms

the senses

stopping the world

as it spins

rendering us speechless…

her eyes all aglow

she stares into our soul

with a glare she fares

of heart and soul

exquisite beauty

is intoxicating

like ‘white noise’

poetic prose – tanyajo


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