Pierre Debusschere for ‘Kunst Am Körper’ in Vogue Germany June 2019

Pierre Debusschere captures the Art of Beauty in ‘Kunst Am Körper’ in Vogue Germany, June 2019. Body art beckons us to become one with our creative surroundings. Completely painted faces provide a costumed effect, allowing the mind to meander in the field of fantasy. Through the art of unknowing we find out who we are. Linear angles drive abstract inclinations, inspiring us to explore new ideas. Abstract Expressionism has never felt so inspired, as candid shots of colors are swathed across the face of the unknown. A great face indeed. Clarity Be Cast Away… For What I Seek is a Chance to Say… That All Things Clear are but a Dream Away from the Foggy Light of Yesterday.

These RGB color combinations appear at first glance to be simple. They don’t offer a unique look into the tonal world, per se. However, I believe these bold schemes consist of applications that inspire the viewer through the use of pattern play. We see how bold blocks stack on the skin, taking these shades from common to exotic. Linear elements bump up against each other, forming a fusion of symmetrical silhouettes. Shapes play in one space, allowing the contradictions to become less obvious. Black lines strike over the eyes and around the mouth, making a strong statement. Darkness gives the palate a distinct flavor. with various widths that define those areas. Artfully Inky additions offers an element that stands out, thereby elevating the entire piece. A torrent of tease followed by a storm-surge of luxury makes an oddly, lavish component to this saturated story.

Peter Philips takes inspiration from Russian, Expressionist Alexei von Jawlensky. This becomes the face of abstract extreme. His symbolic use of bright colours reflect attributes of Post-Impressionism. ‘Reacting against the naturalism of Impressionists, these works were vibrant with violent colours and passionate brushstrokes.’ Philips pieces reflect a similar kind of outpouring of expression. There’s an emotional response you experience when viewing Expressionist paintings. By concentrating entirely on the head, one cannot miss a similar visual outburst. It’s intense. Philips explores the phenomena of color-blocking skin by echoing the elements of Expressionism. The impact is stunning. The blurred barrier gives the viewer a visual that signifies a sense of transformation. Very controlled while still critically stoic. We get the sense that hidden under the artful veil there exists a kind of wild rebellion longing to be free. Symbolism runs rampant as we can almost feel the hand of the masters touching her skin.

The music of makeup plays on as Peter Philips puts on quite a beauty show. A dizzying mix of art and excess take hold, as bold shapes fill the face and primary colors pop off the page. Blocks of brilliant shades saturate the skin as scenes of abstraction take center stage. Like a Live-Art Picasso Painting, every inch of the face and neck is covered. Colors collide, overtly grabbing the camera’s eye, only to retreat and then hide. Opposites attract as clarity gives way to blurred visions. Pretty pigments mix as manic lines mutate. Debusschere creates a linear look by applying a veiled overlay to create a kind of double vision effect. Here it includes an exquisite array of squared shapes and oblong circles, giving way to various widths of abstract lines. Makeup merges blending beauty together in a way that makes a powerful piece of abstract art.

Editor-n-Chief, Christiane Arp, mimics the colors cast across the face with a cast of stylish captures. Vivid shades that splash against the page like a bouquet of fresh flowers.  held within every stylish . The elliptical shapes transform into squares patterns. Like an abstract painting waiting to find shape. The sharp edges and soft swoops of fabric mimics the makeup’s musical tenor. Fashion becomes an extension of the visual treat. Bold tones break ever so slightly with silk and laces allowing them lay ever so softly in dramatic form. Each piece is individual, honoring the notion of Haute Couture. Floral brooches bring a sense of whimsy, while offering an extension of the tonal range. High art keeps with the theme as each design hangs over the body is like a dream.

Poised in playful reverie, we watch as she walks across the bridge of beauty only to transform into something unique. Reaching to touch the unknown we are captivated by the journey of humanity. Honoring this path that pays homage to a life less ordinary. Chaos is cast aside as we are quick to embrace the art of feeling. We encompass the scheme to embody the dream. We are here to evoke the idea of artful resistance. To engage in all things that circle the drain without giving way to letting go. Turning all the undoings of life in things done right. We awake to the endeavors of dreamers. With purpose and passion. Start every new day with a goal to not portray… that’s to say I will stay away from things that don’t move me. For To Merely Be… Is To Be Free!!!

To Embody… To Evoke… To Engage. These 3E’s will lead you ever down the pathway of Evolution. To Evolve is to Grow… to Grow is to See… To See is To Be… To Be Is To See. Life is the radius of circular existence. Life is portrayed in pictures of colors that have been cast across a palate of clean skin. Life is a circle of hope… set inside the center of truth… dropped in the middle of me!