Saskia De Brauw & Stella Tennant by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Germany, June 2019

Saskia De Brauw, Stella Tennant dare clothes to dance in ‘Tanz Der Kleider’ by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Germany, June 2019. In English ‘Tanz Der Kleider’ means The Clothes Dance, a telling title for this stunning editorial. This is a statement that speaks to the dynamic energy of clothes separate from the person wearing them. There’s a vitality and vigor that fills the fabric. This convocation of designers run the gambit from recklessly avant-garde to potently posh. Here, the poetic angles of the abstract are explored. Each piece stands in defiant rage as the echoes of fashion’s ancestors ring throughout each page.

Christiane Arp embraces the culture of high couture in one of the most compelling collections we seen this season. High Fashion stands on its own as the fluidity is taken to another level. Art explodes with Alexandre Vauthier HC, Alexis Mabille HC, Balmain HC, Chanel, Elie Saab HC, Giambattista Valli HC, Gaultier Paris, Giorgio Armani Prive, Heather Huey Couture Milliner, Iris Van Herpen, Maison Margiela by John Galliano, RVDK, House of Schiaparelli, Valentino & Viktor&Rolf. True couture is a spectacle of cinema. Fashion takes flight, spinning around is it seems to lift off the ground. These looks aren’t for the faint of heart, they are designs that defy the laws of nature.

Couture in the strictest sense isn’t about comfort it’s about wearable art. The body proper provides a place where couture can lay. Fabrics rise as quickly as they fall, with sweeping gestures that capture creativity in motion. Feathers spread out showing grand wingspan, while ruffles sweep up surrounding the face. Aerodynamically designed each piece is caught in mid-flight. Movable arms and legs allows the shapes to be found and dimensions to be seen. Vast capes expand and retreat as if on command, while limbs are lifted giving fabrics a chance to fly. Riding the wind in full flight a kaleidoscope of colors soar outta sight. We are awoken to the splendor of high style. Each image captured is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Pieces render us speechless, as the power that true couture generates is phenomenal.

Petro Petrohilos applies makeup that allows for a statement to be made without overshadowing the showstopping styles. Her choices are perfect. She goes for a powdered palate that gives the paler complexion a significant statement. The eyes vary from neo-natural to vivid blue, while the lips follow suit transforming from a nude base to a proper red pout. The only avant-garde reach we see (and my favorite application expressed), is the stunning shot of Saskia in full profile. This side view shows us a flash of rouge randomly applied. The deep, blush tone takes to her exquisite bones, as her sharp features show the color like spray paint on stone. There’s no rhyme or reason to the process, instead only a vivid blast of pure beauty. The music of makeup plays a strong backup to this captivating collection.

This is truly a feast for the eyes. A proper editorial, rich with artistic intent. This is the high art of haute couture at it’s best. Strict in it’s applications while daring in it’s approach. Tactile and triumphant… the phenomenal reaches of such exquisite pieces render this editorial exquisite. Each look evokes and emotional response. This captures our collective memories with a calling to the ‘vocare’ the latin word for voice. And, these dresses indeed give us a voice. Colors collide as our memories hide within every fold of these phenomenal fashions. So many talented hands came together to produce such stunning results. Rich in sweeping splendor the awe-inspiring details are met with a calmness reminiscent of great art.

Fabrics Falls as Quick as they Lift… Feathers Spread Showing the Grand Wingspan… Ruffles Build On Top of Each Other… Layer Bend and Twirl Into Another Atmosphere. Movable extensions allow the shapes to be found and the dimensions to be seen. Arms and legs lift these styles showing the fabric in the best light as sweeping fluidity lifts them outta sight. Panoramic Pieces Pour Over Every Page. All who walk this path alone… there’s a quiet place where hope doth roam… a journey where dreams do come alive dancing amongst the spirit tribe. Tomorrow’s Journey Awaits Us Today. Art Is a Process… Art is a Tool… Art is Subjective… Art is no Fool.