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Bella, Bella Bring Me Home I’m Calling to the Great Unknown, back in time retro beauty was defined. Art is an energizing theme to explore as we delve inside the makeup artist’s mind. Using the face as a palate, we are challenged to leave behind the notion of pretty in favor of something more conceptually compelling. Pretty is a mundane concept. A transient truth tortured by time as seeking perfection is a waste of fervent minds. Chasing pretty isn’t passion, rather an obsession that never ends. The beauty we are talking about is not a boring topic. Rather, a savage prospect. It’s beauty that moves. Searing with energy she explodes on the page. Bella Hadid brings a distinct intensity to the story in ‘Born to Be Bella‘ by Mert & Marcus for V Magazine. Bringing B to V ~ her personality gorges on gorgeous as she celebrates the beauty of being Bella. Don’t hate just celebrate. Spinning into infinite M&M invite us to fly inside the outer reach of the mind’s eye.

Raging with an 80’s vibe Bella comes alive with neon pride. This is the evolution of the 80’s. At the edge of the decade disco didn’t know what to do with itself. So, it started to morph into this mosaic of manic makeup. Cosmetic art evolved. The vibe was still turned high, but the platform changed into a more thematic statement. Peter Philips embraces the era with open arms, celebrating painted faces from the 1980’s. The impetus behind 80’s face paint goes way back to Aboriginal tribes. They used the skin to tell stories about their systems of belief. The current expressed amalgamations don’t hold the same intellectual intent. However, I do believe the process of face paint is more an emotional outreach than would indicate. Philips captures the thrill of face painting with an ode to the exquisite 80’s. Neon yellow surrounds the eyes, like glasses without frames. Black lines include a winged extension, while criss-cross sections continue around the entire area. The look is dramatic. Like barbed wire. Moving on… he steps into the 70’s with stunning aplomb. Bella brings a sense of authenticity to this rendition. Shon uses wigs appropriate to each decade. Mert & Marcus shoot from the perfect perceptive. This allows the hair to speak without looking like a disguise. An integral part of the success of this story. Digging into the decade’s depths, we see disco revised with eyes that celebrates chicness. Charcoal shadow sweeps into the brow-line, while silver glitter makes it shine. The lip’s sheen is a dream, done in a red/orange hue indicative of the period obsession. Abstract elements erupt as a fantastical fusion takes hold.

Patti Wilson plays in the closet mixing 80’s edge with 70’s severity. Taking us back in time, she picks fashions that up the avant-garde affect. The 70’s is all about attitude, and I have to say Bella does it with style. A blue, faux-fur coat is divinely appropo for that decade. Wilson then goes to an over-sized blazer with bold shoulders and a hot-pink, leather jacket that screams 80’s excess. Done with only three changes, the wardrobe may seem small, but the overall transformation is intense. The clothes are reminiscent of the time period with makeup appropriately harsh. This isn’t about looking natural, it’s about allowing the pigment to sink into the skin. You didn’t wear the clothes… the clothes wore you. There was something sultry about that very process. Whereby what was on yourself and skin said something about who you were and where you stood.

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poetic prose – tanyajo