Ling Chen in ‘The Shape of Water’ by Liu Song for Vogue Me China August 2019

Ling Chen embodies mythological folklore in ‘The Shape of Water’ by Liu Song for Vogue Me China August 2019. She emerges from the water like a creature coming to life. Moving with mystical intent, shades of pink are cast across the water’s bed mimicking the energy of the ocean. Rich images are restrained yet bursting at the seems. The intention is unknown. Power is present, as beauty breeds a sense of well being. Aquatic energy rises forth bringing to life a symbol of strength. Shape-shifting aquatic spirits exist in mythology, found in the folklore of many cultures. Reminding us that all things are borne of the sea. That is our beginning and naturally our end. Birthing the possibilities between, we allow the mind to take shape. The fluidity of life is shown before us. Ancient tradition is captured in shots that expand our connection to history, while offering a hand to the future. The Female Spirit Gives Rise to the Idea of The Supernatural Water Spirit. Steeped in Cultural History… The Lure of these Unique Creatures are Founded in the Rich Pages Between.

Ling comes out of the water as if she was born of the sea. Beauty surrounds her as the elemental energy of being slowly becomes. Waves of ever moving energy surround her, giving each image a sense of calm. Like a hybrid creature of folklore her existence is formed from fluid strength. Fashion floods the scene with styles that seem apart of a dream. Couture captures the chasm of creativity forming a fusion between worlds. A transformation takes shape allowing a metamorphosis to evolve. Bold tones take on an earthy appeal as dynamic designs blend with the oceanic surround. Artistic elements are taken from nature, as materials meld into the aquatic backdrop. Captivating colors kiss the skin allowing the ultimate merging of artistry and nature to connect. Austin Wang embraces this dynamic amalgamation. Ling’s body seeks the water’s calmness mimicking the soft flow. Each outfit seems an extension of reality. Completely connected yet yearning to be free. Fluid fashions find a calm center in The Shape of Water.

Mountain Gao creates faces that sometimes don’t appear as earthly entities. Here, he suspends reality with a series of applications that range from simple to extreme. A triumph of tonal tapestry erupts, tempting us with a rush shapes and shades. Modern makeup mirrors the movement of the water. Her face is alive with colors that fly across the eyes, splashing over skin in winged spectacle. Acclimating to her new environment, beauty is built as Gao adds elements that take on the textural surroundings. Makeup moves to embody a more masked effect. Soothing colors caress the mind, as deep blues and rich fuchsias provide a powerful backdrop. This is a re-birthing of beauty. Life evolves like paint dripping off skin. Layers of pink literally melt like a metamorphosis in motion. Mixing images form a multi-layered illusion. A transformation takes shape, giving a vibrant view into this new world. The water holds power, as she stays connected to her source of strength. We watch the waves ever evolve. Constantly changing, Slowly Taking Shape… Beauty Doesn’t Change It Naturally Becomes.

Our desire for natural beauty invites us to devour these designs. To gorge on the gorgeous. Much of these dynamic designs look like decorative body art. Mighty millinery connects the piece, making the entire ensemble seem capable of anything. Art is a reflection of truth. And truth a reflection of mindful interaction. Standing right side up her reflection is shown to us upside down. This grabs our attention, giving the illusion of otherworldly intent. A bold creature that comes from another world. Cast upon the shores she stands in a long, gorgeous gown. Seemingly unaware of her masked manner. Everything this creature needs must come through the optical avenue, as this is the only featured area open to the outside. A couture gown hangs from her body as a model posing at the end of a runway. Genius. Another captivating pictures plays like silver spikes poking out of the skin, with spiked-scales draping over the head and down the body. When viewing this dramatic depiction I take pause at this spectacle. Under it we see a sneak peak of skin showing a rainbow effect. Each shot an evolutionary sensation. This editorial masterpiece gives rise to our idea of the unknown.