Mayowa Nicholas by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain August 2019

Mayowa Nicholas finds the forest of flight in ‘Ponse De Largo’ shot by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain, August 2019. Immersing herself in the gorgeous, green of this luscious surroundings. Mayowa lifts the arms of her long, silk dress as she spreads her wings as if to take flight. An optical illusion ensues, as she appears to be walking on water. Red petals spill over every inch of her gown, making her appear like an angelic tree of the fantastical forest. The silk flows with phenomenal purpose. This is the art if action. The spectral shades of her surroundings are seen in the floral motifs of the fabrics. Art senses a simile of energy projecting forth power and passion. Light plays off the colors like a visual concert for the eyes. There is no way to truly capture the drama of these designs with the written word. They must be viewed. The eyes take in every pattern as if a piece of poetry come to life. The characteristics of our collective culture is framed with the elements of nature. Txema invites the spirit of the soul to rise up. Fashion Takes Flight as Her Golden Gown Kisses the Ground as She Walks Into the Green Surround.

Bernat Buscato captures the essence of natural camouflage by mimicking the plants and animals of the wild. A fusion of fashion and nature collide. Full length gowns flow capturing the elements of the exotic backdrop. Synergy abounds as we find ourselves entranced by the mystic surround. Natural Art evokes a sense of spirit. “Camoflauge, also called Cryptic Coloration is a defense mechanism or tactic that organism use to disguise their appearance to blend in with their surroundings.” Intimate with her surroundings, she melds into the backdrop while simultaneously standing out. Here we see the same concept applied, as each dress drips off the body, appearing to evolve from the environment at large. The essence of fabrics are found as we watch garments appear to grow out of the ground. Bernat Buscato brings out the beauty of earth like flowers that bloom and petals that burst. Fashions flourish as shades of silks come in colors that cast an authenticity to this natural stage.

Victor Alvarez celebrates this arena of the exotic in one of the most impressive cosmetic applications of the season. Here we are witness to an artful evolution of makeup. He uses the face to not enhance the fabric, but to embrace the elements. Mayowa’s features fit in this fantasy forest without a stitch of makeup, allowing us to observe the fullness of her beauty. The leaves seem to extend from the fabric to her face, as a transformation takes shape. Slowly morphing her skin becomes one with the natural elements. A bird’s eye view gives a close up shot of her eye appearing like an exotic feather. Her face is emblazon over the forest like a symbol of strength. Phenomenal Womanthat’s her! Lost in Time We See Earth’s Precious Land Thrive as Treasures are Shown as Rhythms of Rhyme.

I Walk in Tranquil Grace… Seeking Solace… Seeking Space. A Botanical Garden hidden right in the heart of my city. This Secret Garden (as such) extends to a wooded, forest fantasy. Looking at these images I am struck by how familiar they appear. I could be walking the very paths that I often find myself lost upon. It’s not frightening. It is a pleasure to be so taken by your natural environment. Your mind drifts away. It’s something you can’t plan for or can’t achieve by purchase. This is something you must be willing to seek out. To escape your normal routine, and Walk the Pathway of the Undecided. I know… I know… drama follows me everywhere. But, consider what it means to take, “The Road Less Traveled”. For this is a path that presents to you as you go. You can’t map it out before, or control the outcome. It’s earthly design it to offer a space of tranquil transfer. A true sanctuary. In the world we live in, this shouldn’t be taken lightly. To find such an area of untouched nature, still pristine in it’s offerings, is an exquisite gift. Giving us the chance to meander through this world untouched. Those of us with respect for our earthly sister, understand. The others among us must learn. If we don’t treasure and take care of the few remaining works of natural art, they will be gone. But, what they will take in their departure is a hole so deep, it will be the human equivalence of extinction.

The Evolution of Nature…

woman in wonder

woman in right

woman in spirit

woman in fight

woman hear me

from way on high

woman you are

ready to fly

catching moonbeams

across the sky

woman you are

the me in my

a soul seeker

ever deeper

digging down

to solid ground

a holistic hunter

makes her way

into a space of

of solid grace

for here we listen

to spirit sound

for what was lost

has now been found

poetic prose – tanyajo