Bella Hadid in ‘Hellz Bellz’ by Hugo Comte for Pop Magazine FW 2019

Bella Hadid is a Bottega Bitch in ‘Hellz Bellz’ by Hugo Comte for Pop Magazine, FW 2019. I’m not gonna pull any punches… I like my Bella with a Twist. Skin is in, with an open zipper showing us she’s wearing only a Bottega Veneta leather jacket. Hot On Top!!! Hold for bold as this editorial answers our call, allowing us to devour the delicious. This girl knows how to glow, with gorgeous angles that leave nothing to the imagination. Comte invites the night with a moody mix of mellow and manic. All things unremarkable are swept away as avant-garde excess is the game we play. Richard Rockwood brings in his own brand of beauty, bending and twisting into another dimension. Comic style prose sits on the skin showcasing the curves. This is debauchery defined! Art evolves as creative collage is borne of the body of Bella. Undertones of restrained anarchy is matched with blatant mystery. What more could we want from an artist? Dynamic additions are ripe with revelry as they ache with reflection. Her short hair don’t care attitude amps things up, while her long locks literally rock. Chi Wong brags on the shag with a pixie wig that has a pension for wispy sections. An ode to the Bottega Bitch with B****. This is for all who want to Chop not Talk, as Hadid sits with large swaths of hair hanging down between open scissor blades. Bejeweled and Beautiful… stacks of Bulgari make quite an appearance as this girl is divinely decked out! Black gloves crawl up her arms as Gemstones lay atop the fabric, decorating as the go down. There’s a debauchery that gives this story real edge.

Vanessa Reid styles us into the next century with looks that redefine the idea of chic. Fashion makes many detours on the road to relevance. Here we see Reid taking a defiant step. The most compelling shifts are those driven by a need to exceed our current landscape. We’ve seen, over the decade, what I would call a stall. I could go on about the impetus of such a suspension, but that’s for another article. Here we’re called to contemplate what I’m deeming the conceptual shift. Don’t think of this a season gone wild, rather, an intellectual shift. These brilliant images show a layout that delivers quite a punch. This is enthralling. It might seem a limited combination of couture, but, each page presented is exiting. Expansion of the mind says that all things open offer a picture of what’s to come. Space that tells of a new place. That’s My Idea of Freedom. Here we see that freedom doesn’t require endless imagery. I don’t need anyone to fill in the blanks of my mental space. That’s the beauty of being rational-thinking individuals. We are all equipped to have a unique reaction to the same stimuli. That uncommon thread is part of what sews us together. Our unique reactions are what make every person a rare gem. If you are not moved by this presentation, then I submit the avenues to avant-garde artistry may not be the right path for you.

Naked faced never looked so divine as her skin is soft and her features fine. Without a strip of makeup her wide-set eyes demand attention. Her complexion literally glows as freckles are sprinkled over the bridge of her nose. There are a few girls that have marked this industry with their own brand of beauty. The most recent of those is Bella Hadid. Her beauty is raw and somewhat imperfect. A fact that only enhances her natural state. She seems to be blessed with an overabundance of confidence. I do not say that not to undermine her, I say that as pure fact. A truth that merely enhances our understanding of the person behind the lens. In my opinion, the farther she gets from her name the closer she is to discovering her true self within this industry. Her uniqueness will have a chance to rise to it’s real level. Lean muscles lay over the bones with soft intentions, while her breasts provide a strong balance. We watched this young girl morph into a meaningful model. Uncommon elements arise giving her time to find her natural balance. Editorials, like these, prove she has staying power. Taste her uniqueness as we delve forth into the True Beauty of Bella.

Power of Prose

Naked Faced Never Looked So Fine…

Her Skin So Soft Her Features Divine…

Makeup Gone She Still Finds Her Shine…

Beauty Doth Glow from the Growing Vine.

poetic prose – tanyajo