Stella Tennant by Nathaniel Goldberg for Muse Magazine Issue 53

This is GRUNGE REDONE. Stella Tennant steals your heart and sets the stage for a style redo that’s en-rage, by Nathaniel Goldberg for Muse Magazine, Issue 53. Fall Fashion looks through the prism of the 90’s, with divine designs that embrace the era of grunge. Seattle soared as the Cultural Epicenter of Grunge. The movement was real… the fashion followed. This is a storied interpretation of that time. George Cortina puts his own flavor on the famed era. These images embody the retro vibe while still seeking independence. The legacy of high fashion lives on in the clean lines of this 90’s-Revival. And, no-one is more suited to explore this concept than the ever exquisite, Stella Tennant. Take note new models… this is where the difference lies. Here we are speaking about the Art of Fashion. These pitch perfect elements deliver a visual referendum on the subculture of creative intensity. Today we find the most fashion forward among us wearing a daring designs from haute couture to straight street. Leave it to the stunning Stella to redefine the boundaries of dark design. Taking it to the streets, she literally lays down on a sidewalk wearing a leather, Salvatore Ferragamo pantsuit. Let your eyes peruse the page. Stella’s look is appealing because it’s real. She’s really exquisite… but she is really real.

Stella stands on a porcelain sink, as if a performer on stage. She’s a Superwoman! She is artistry in motion. Not knowing if she’s gonna crawl up a wall or pounce down to meet the ground, we watch in suspended disbelief. Gravity compels her forth while holding her back, allowing a level of elevated agility to erupt. George Cortina creates a palate of black that keeps these images cohesive. Fabrics display in ways that celebrate texture. Embracing the element of moving, ever elevated by the act of changing positions. This is active fashion at it’s best. Moving to a more subdued, but no less, thought-provoking pose. Stella is standing with her back facing forward. Decked from head-to-toe in a black, wool suit with long tails. Cortina captures a sense of adventure while still maintaining a high fashion feel. This is one of the most awe-inspiring looks. The purity of these works are brought to light by the effortlessness of the wearer. Climbing the fence like a teenager with raging hormones, Stella daringly dangles from the high railing. Stepping on each chain link, she mounts the metal with ease. Her body language speaks. Investing a level of physical prowess onto the page she brings the body/mind together in a righteous rage. Stella the Stealthy… On High Fashion She Feeds… Jumping Over a Fence Into a World of Weeds.

Here, we embrace the fullness of Womanhood. And, in that articulated expression we can see the free exchange of open ideas. We imagine extricating ourselves from the ties that bind. The Art of Fashion can be a feisty lil’ b****, but when you find your groove it can truly move the needle. Lloyd Simmonds lets Stella’s fine features speak, with captures that are clean of any makeup residue. Then, just as we have settled into her sumptuous skin, he promptly changes the cosmetic code. Riding the center of her lid he adds a thick, black line to enhance her already straight brows. This extreme adjustment calls attention to the avant-garde elements. By alternating his expressive trajectory he gives the editorial room to grow. This is brilliantly executed, from scaling a fence to laying flat on a cement sidewalk. We see in each shot, from every angle, the extreme nature of her eyes. I call this the transitional flip. This dynamic dip in Stella’s natural brow shape doesn’t just curve down, it strikes straight-out. Even slightly bending in the upward trajectory. A diagonal line that lies directly above the eye is a naturally dramatic enhancement. The lack of curve creates an intoxicating shape that seems to be adhered to by all the features that follow. I think these brows bare a quiet confidence while still giving off an assertive edge. These indelible eye-lines are only enhanced by the intense angles of her straight nose and broad lips.

In the industry of apathy there lives a neo-tradition of nothingness. Many follow suit. Before you know it.. the un-thing is a thing. That sums up the 1990’s. Fighting the turbulent waters of high fashion we found ourselves swimming against the tide. An entire culture of kids fed up with this neo-dysfunction created a culture of nothingness. We follow Tennant as she climbs up and over, as if she were scaling the walls of injustice. Her fierceness plays out. Not pandering for righteous indignation or longing for approval. She does it to feed her own drive. Do you all hear that? She isn’t performing for any other persons, she is acting for herself. That is a noble calling. The best we can do as humanity’s warriors is to first commandeer our own ship. the nebulous and nondescript notions of the era have given way to a more cleaned up version of 90’s. This ain’t no knock-off – this is Grunge Redone. Out of the ebony shadows emerges a dark figure. Her limbs long and lean her skin light and shiny. Her eyes are open in a way that signifies she can see beyond her narrow view of society. A Winged Expanse Takes Place Over the Face Deigning to Make a Diagonal Shape. The Great Race Debate Calls to Equate… Do the Brows Slant Or Do They Grow Straight?

In the Reverberated Background of Silent Screams… Comes a Virulent Tremor that Attacks at the Seams. It will Come from the Sides when the Center Seems Calm… It will Hit in the Middle when Nothing is Wrong. In the Nebulous Yearnings of Dark Day’s Night… Lives a Comely Creature that Lives for Flight. A Soaring Spectacular She Floats Through Time… Her Wings Expand if only In the Mind. ART INVADES IN WAYS THAT SHADE YOU FROM THE SUN. Stella the Spectacle Rides on High… Getting Her Spirit Straight from the Sky… Back to Forth Never Do We End… AS THE 1990’S BEGIN YET AGAIN. Retro Revival Redone as Stella Redeems the Dream. Take a Trip Back in Time Where Temptations Rise… Flying Ever High She Climbs to Sky. Fall Into Hallowed Hall’s of History.                                                                       poetic prose – tanyajo