Carolyn Murphy by Vito Fernicola for Exhibition Magazine Fall/Winter 2019

Carolyn Murphy invites us to ride inside her mind in a tale that tells us it’s the hunt that feeds us not the find, by Vito Fernicola in Exhibition Magazine, The Guru Issue, FW ’19. Art is unearthed from the center of her being. James Valeri uses fashion as an agent of change. A fusion is at play. Both sides express an intimate story-line. Long pants are belted at the bottom leg, with a leather shirt that seals her form. Other styles bare an opening allowing for uninhibited access. This is a Woman in Flux. Her striking beauty breaks free from form allowing the essence of her nature to emerge. A metamorphosis in the making. Like a Queen dancing to tribal music, she takes us to another place. This is how I view this presentation. Subtle yet strong… slow yet succinct… every movement has a meaning every piece of silence has a place. This is the sanctity of humanity captured in modern imagery. Change the fabric that falls over the skin and you will see a picture of poetry begin. Queen Carolyn will come into view. Her locks travel down her back like a slow moving train. Her skin signals the strength of a female who has known work, but, the softness reflects something deeper. This is a story that links us beyond this time… beyond this page, of another era… she is a Seer… She is a Sage. So to this end we are met with the physical presence of something unique. Her beauty beckons. Her body speaks. Her blue eyes burn, not a fiery rage but one of intensity. Almost animalistic in nature, each is one of savage beauty. Art exudes power. Her limbs stretch like a four-legged creature. The lines of her long legs cut through the scene. The prowess of her power is evident in every shot. She stretches without strain she bends without burden. She is fire… She is air… She is here… She is there. A vision of loveliness awaits as an inner-glow radiates. She draws us inside this mirrored imaged. Peaking through polished glass we get a resplendent reflection looking back.

Ever Moving Yet Perfectly Still… This Is Raw Poetry In Motion

i’m hunter

i’m a gatherer

i’m a female

i am more

i’m a mother

i’m a daughter

i’m a servant



i won’t hide my face

in fake disgrace

be shamed

or be ignored

i’m a female

i’m a hero




i will fight

for my rights

with pride i bare

this is my path

I walk with care

today i stand

with solemn pride

free and open



i say my peace

with sanctity

raise my voice

in harmony

give my soul

to liberty

this is how

I serve



poetic prose – tanyajo