Charlee Fraser in ‘The Skin I Live In’ by Yulia Gorbachenko for Vogue Mexico October 2019

Charlee Fraser settles in ‘The Skin I Live In’ by Yulia Gorbachenko for Vogue Mexico, October 2019. Looking from every angle at every vantage point we are able to really get inside the Silhouette of She. A Woman with… ferocity, kindness, beauty and beyond. This is the very nature of her being, it literally radiates out of her skin. Many times when we see women our first instinct is to evaluate their qualities on the visual spectrum. A ratio that has long held us back as the fighting females we were meant to be(come). Perfect for magazines. Not for real life. And, even those perfect pictures are best accepted when given in the right light. By that I mean that when an image is retouched into another dimension, it is not only OBVIOUS, it can be damaging. More and more people, of both genders, find themselves overwhelmed by trying to live up to a false sense of being. To Be You Have to First BECOME. What I mean is to really achieve the high standards of self, you have to start grading on an actual scale. Not a phantom scale that measures the unknown, unseen and truly unreal. If we are not careful we are going to erase our beings from this planet. Think about it… each time you submit a likeness that isn’t your truth but you use it to placate yourself/outside viewers, you are committing the highest atrocity toward self. That, I submit, it the new form of mutilation taking place in the universe. Self Mutilation. The Destruction of The Self.

Sandy Armeni uses the act of styling in one of the most expressive editorials done this year. Fashion is less about the design appeal than the focus of fabric. How it lays over Charlee’s body. Sometimes giving her skin room to breath, other times coming in so tight we can see the outlines below. Beauty breathing through. In each image we are treated to an intimate look with pictures that present a story. Ones that are done with dignity. Here we witness a photographer, with an exquisite eye, giving us a view unlike any other. This is magnificent because we have gone through the fourth wall. A conceptual barrier between those presenting some kind of a communication and those receiving it. This invisible wall that separates the actors from the audience, we can imagine has been obliterated, allowing us access to the stage. Here we have an aspect not always enjoyed. There’s a significance to this story. It’s not overtly sexual, yet we do see a sense of playful intimacy. This is art. I only wish that we as a people could appreciate the difference between real art and social media.

The Body Beautiful. To enunciate, to communicate verbal or non-verbal ideas articulated through the act of expression. This is an action taken. It is not the intellectual properties gather and prepared for such an assertion. These are two separate conceptual avenues. To succeed in sharing either one or both of these mental/physical activities, you must understand the difference. We are entering an arena of existence that honors the unintentional blending of these worlds. The visual imprint of the body is like a dalliance of destiny. Swooning into the succulent stages of beauty unleashed. She Is. Merely Being. Curves engage in a way that keeps the conversation going. Each wave a distinction of parts. Parts unknown. Taking us to a place of pure poetry. The slow moving metal grinding against the latch. Like teeth biting at each other. Her exquisite figure collapses in on itself. Like poetry in motion so are the bends of her body. The zipper moves each click catching the other… exposing more of the skin.