Kerolyn Soares by Txema Yeste for Vogue España December 2019

Kerolyn Soares enters a land beyond in ‘De Otro Tiempo Y Lugar’ by Txema Yeste for Vogue España December 2019. Colors Transform in this Technicolor Storm as Dreamy Colors Collide. Beauty breaks as art aches taking us to Another Time, Another Place. Dynamic entities unite, creating a collection of controlled chaos. Photographic manipulations connect art and excess by building and expanding in magnificent ways. Somewhere over the rainbow things start to shift. Distance becomes a memory as the ground sinks into a storied surround. Caught in the constructs of time ~ colors flow like a runaway rhyme. Beauty breaks as art aches taking us to a time far, far away. Where every piece of fabric is a portion of poetic consumption. Don’t stop to wonder just wonder til’ it stops. His is a vision quest… a journey of discovery, travelling through the mind’s eye. Time ticks… the clock shifts as Txema does what he does best, treats us to another world.

Colors collide in this metaphor of light. Juan Cebrián embraces elements in such a way as to elevate the visual lay of the land. Fabrics fuse with the surroundings, making it hard to distinguish where they begin and end. Wool drapes around her body and then drops to the ground, as rich textures meld in a storied surround. Another picture of poetic expression is met, as the ethereal nature of materials blend with the exotic environment. Fashion fantasy has a moment to shine as dynamic colors fly against the sentient sky. Cebrián uses a vast array of primary tones to reach a place of haute harmony. Soares lets her long coat of stars soar as billowing silks mimic the brilliant backdrop. Blurred like a story within a story, every image is alive with tactile flavor bumping against the baron earth below. Kerolyn is lost in this faraway land as thoughts cross her mind like grains of sand. Love does lift and truth does stand, reminding us you don’t have to be alone if you take a human hand. Falling against the ocean breeze her deep, blue dress dances with the water’s wind. She walks over the rocks with her hood covering her head. Her coat reads like a piece of the past wrapped around her body. She moodily makes way around the jagged edges, while shadowed outlines are only interrupted by streams of mystical light.

Excess meets innocence, echoing the opposing forces of her face. Her bold beauty blends into the backdrops, as her soft pallor plays against the roughness of the environment. We can feel the intensity rise as the eyes exhibit a combination of emotions. Jordi Fontanals uses makeup that expands to meet the grandness of the surroundings. His work doesn’t overrun the subtlety of this story, instead it reaches to uncover otherworldly elements of the skin. Beauty basks in the great unknown. Here we see Karolyn’s skin soar (sorry I couldn’t resist), as her last name indicates a Soaring Spirit. Fontanels creates a cosmetic span the ranges from naked faced to ethereally bound. Gorgeously appointed, hers is skin that invites us in.

Laying back in the sand Kerolyn wears a coat of many colors. The richness of the fabrics are artfully borne against the baron beauty of the background. The sea grass surrounds her as she lays in place, as land opens the ocean awaits. There’s a determining eloquence to this story. A quiet harmony that grows with the grass, tall enough to form a barrier. We can feel her calmness as she’s bundled in a blanket like coat. We can imagine the soft sounds that open to the mouth of the sea. Here, there’s a sense of symbolism at play. Otherworldly beauty is bigger that us as this story aims to embrace that fact. A fusion of land and material takes shape, as the graceful design elements are reflected in the dirt that surrounds. Inland cliffs and rocks tumble down the side as the landscape stands in featured surround. Echoes of melancholy are erased as love and light run through the mind. Strong winds and powerful waves break off as the vertical drop opens to the coastal arena. We can almost hear the soft waves hit against the side of the boat, as high fashion floats. Life lures in both beauty and beast while art engages is gorging kind of feast.