Maggie Maurer in ‘Longchamp Special’ by Arcin Sagdic for Numéro Berlin #7

Maggie Maurer explores the magic of moving pictures in ‘Film’ captured by Arcin Sagdic for Numéro Berlin #7. There’s an element of freedom found in the motion picture medium. This rich, story-telling process is filled with filmic discovery, giving rise to the relevancy of moving pictures. Multi-dimensional sourcing allows cameras to capture poetry in motion. Here, we’re exposed to the theory of discovery. We watch as still photography pays tribute to the moving medium. Daring to reach beyond what you see, the mind does wander open and free. Beauty bends and art extends as we travel deep inside our imagination. This virtual exercise in development takes us to another dimension. Inside the exodus of innocence lives a twisted dissonance of transient thoughts. Thoughts exist in silent shadows. These varied things prosper in the winter of our discontent. Bound by Depth… Left in Fury… Find Your Way to Free Your Mind. Are We Seeing Outside In… Or Are We Seeing Inside Out? That is the question.

Caught in the center of cyber seconds that exist between the camera’s click. True beauty is borne in the inner sanctum of soulful yearnings. These are dizzying images of abstract time captured inside the chaotic rumblings of an unfulfilled mind. This is a mirrored reflection. Here we see our story mid-flight. Shots viewed from one vantage point should be pondered from another. Never rely on a perch for real perspective. What looks like one thing could be viewed in a different sight. Shades shift causing dark to seek light and light to leave it’s lofty post in search of depth. It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day, It’s a New Way to Be. As we contemplate the year that stands ahead we must not ignore the past. We must look back to see ahead.

Götz Offergeld brings forth a fusion of fashion and experimental artistry. This isn’t for the faint of heart, or for those whom can’t comprehend the differential. The distinctness is what makes this an editorial masterpiece. Arcin Sagdic brings to bare his incomparable skills with bold photography that gives us, what I call, the 360 spin. He can reach inside the heart of anything visual, rip out of the vapid guts, to get to what’s real. The result is an uncanny ability to make the physicality of any solid thing, literally disappear. His talents are unmatched. His angled camera effects drive the story forward. Otherworldly elements are ripe with drama and rich with detailed intimacy. Proving, with the right special effects and camera placement, his pictures are perfect.

Patrick Glatthaar honors Maggie’s features. Her face is one of dreams. He bleaches her brows. They are almost invisible. Not as a distinction of style, rather, to evoke a communicative caveat. Just a hint of hair shows above the eyes. This is hyper-modern beauty. The strength of skin is seen in every shot. Her fine features find the light as poetry leans on every curve. A tale of truth waiting to be told. This is about the feminine creature found in the wholeness of being. A visceral loneliness echoes throughout each page. Hollowness repeat with agony cries out. Be present. Hold on tight. Don’t be afraid to dig deep. Hidden within the boundaries of each shot is the story of you. I fear sounding trite, as I send up a sound of fury to signal this season of change. Standing on the Precipice of Pure Potential. This is a Profoundly Important Time to be Alive. We’re at the Dawn of a New Decade.

Art is an exquisite equalizer intent on extending gracious credulity. Calling on the collective forces of fantastical exploration. This is fantasy first, but it dares us to go deep. It plays with the idea of complex carbon transfer. Exploring the idea of physical mutation driven by data drifting. Creativity comes from the willingness to openly evolve. The Evocative Stranger Is Yourself. This is a tale of life twisted in on itself. I don’t find this story particularly sad. I find it mystifying. Each shot projects potential, careening toward a new day. Strength comes from our willingness to openly evolve. We’re stuck in the center of strange, teetering on the edge of deranged.  Don’t Ache to Deceive, Ache to Believe. No-one Said it Would Be Easy. We Are The Future, We Are The Now. WAKEUP!