Abby Champion and Adual Akoi by Derek Henderson for Vogue Ukraine, January 2020

Abby Champion and Adual Akol takes us through the desert divine asking that we expand our minds. Dynamic areas of abstract photography captured by Derek Henderson for Vogue Ukraine, January ’20. Each shot offers a unique take on the vastness of the view. Altered imagery creates a spectacle while adhering to the subtly of the space. There’s a clear distinction between what’s real and what’s artistically altered. Abby stands on the cover with vibrant eyes while the background switches in subtle surprise. The ground has become the sky floating ever grand… as the clouds are now a new place to stand. Looming overhead like an alien-land, jagged mountains have replaced the sky with rocks/sand. It’s as if we are part of a changing spectacle, watching the metamorphosis happen, like music melding together. Bold backgrounds become something new as each look offers a vastly different view. Staring through her center we see ourselves. Seemingly unaware, Abby stands a champion of the sky, never asking when… never asking why.


Cynthia Swanson has created a dreamy affect, whereby what we see is as subtle as the baron trees. Our eyes fall over the pictorial landscape, our mind follows with intellectual regard. The layered effect affects how we see this story. The topography of synergy helps us to simultaneously adapt & explore. Natural surroundings don’t always mix with avant-garde styling. Vanessa Coyle does an amazing job integrating high fashion into the desert landscape. The clothing is caste with a gentle hue as colors appear part of the epic surround. Adual falls over the back of a giant rock, wearing a captivating, yet cohesive, dress covered in purple, leaf-like designs. In another shot she turns to her side, appearing like the boulder she has collapsed upon is floating over a sideways sea. Surprising yet soothing. The views are radically altered yet stunningly realistic. Giving the illusion of effortlessness. Art evolves with unbelievable momentum. Allowing us to inhabit this dreamworld, if only for a moment. Close your eyes and imagine yourself a part of this land. Give me your heart and I’ll give you my hand.


Beauty is baron in it’s breathtaking views. What we see from our single tree is but a dream to be free. Beauty is synonymous with freedom’s find as we experience the flavors of the mind. All we wander is all we are, from here to every shining star. Don’t stop to ponder don’t fail to breath, for this is your time this is your tree. Climb to the top… steak your claim… this is your freedom… this is your name. Thus we are and thus we believe, to live free is to be in the land of she.    poetic prose – tanyajo





This issue captures the ‘New Vogue Values’ focusing on Diversity, Sustainability, Social Justice.