CR Calender 2020 for CR Fashion Book by Brianna Copozzi

Twelve, strong women commemorate the CR Calender 2020 for CR Fashion Book, captured in heart by Brianna Copozzi. These powerful pictures ask that we embrace the astrological energy of our time. We Christen this the Year of Giving Dangerously. Uniquely inspired to raise our awareness. We are all in a common fight for freedom and independence. That is our right as humans, and should never be discounted. However, we are at a place in our history where… We Must Do the Right Thing and Fight for Our Planet’s Rights. This is a story that honors our land’s quest to be liberated from human abuse. Fashion is elevated to a high place with shots that celebrate our strength. Images take an aggressive stand while the words act with clarity and focus. A combination that allows us to soar. Inspired both visually and intellectually, this monthly spectacle takes heed as it embraces our ecological needs. An ode to the idea of working in concert to create eco-accomplishment that can be measured against the current environment. This is about a collective people taking action. Here we see 12 dynamic women standing up for what they believe. A think piece that delivers on that promise. Each captivating female pays tribute to the Zodiac Themed Concept, by giving to a charity of their choice. Carine Roitfeld has directed her magazine to take notice and to make change. 100% of the T-shirts profits will be donated to charities chosen by Redemption. We must accept  responsibility and fight for our Planet’s Future.

2020 is an important numerical sequence. and hence, a significant time. It feels less momentous than it does consequential. We are always expecting the big moments and with it we are willing to bestow big meaning. I take issue with that conceptually. I, instead intend to take a more conceptual route. I will look for a deeper construct to come my way, then I’ll be ready to accept change. Subtly is formidable. Something you may dismiss out of hand, will carry a far more distinctive pattern. In the shady midst of artistic anarchy I reach for something unique. A description that deigns to feign a simpler foe. What if what we are looking at is not 12 separate entities, but one individual? Morphing in various forms we imagine these images aren’t what the eye portends but what the mind extends. An abstract idea that puts in place a picture of many parts of the same person. These unique individuals are really just an amalgamation of one ego. Astrological anomalies invite us to experience this strange truth.

Candice Swanepoel steps outside the lines to deliver the defining posture for this 2020 pictorial event. Not surprisingly, she is a Libra, the planet of beauty. She rests artfully composed, stopping mid-flight in subtle repose. Jumping like a prima ballerina, her arms extend out while her legs bend inward, as her toes come together touching in aire. Giving all who watch a sense of considered calmness. Her face doesn’t react to the energy exerted, as the only hint is her hair taking flight. Erin Parsons lets the lips rip, with a daring shot of Alek Wek clenching a stricken match between her teeth. Her head tilts back in a fearsome pose as I seek words that possess the same fiery prose. Alek Wek is an Aries, The Ram, the first astrological sign of the zodiac. Known for bravery, they are bold and ambitious and dive head-first into every challenge. There is something delectably dangerous in this picture. She seems calmly in control of the chaos that surrounds. Is that not an accurate portrayal of many woman’s daily routine. Her attitude invites us to take stock of how far we have come. For me this is a powerful pictorial event.

Irina Shayk is a rock, bearing the hard-working goat of the Capricorn zodiac. Doutzen Kroes is the Aquarius. The most humanitarian astrological sign. Cindy Crawford presents the power of Pisces as she rises through the water as one of the most intuitive Zodiac signs. Stella Maxwell is Taurus, The Bull. One of the earthly elements, this sentient creature is known to indulge in anything it can touch, smell or taste. Successful, sensual and sensible this is the anchor of the Zodiac. Carolyn Murphy is a Gemini, The Third Sign of the Zodiac, symbolized by the Twins. Miss Fame is a Cancer. Sensitive to their environment, these intuitive creatures can pick up on the energies of the room. Kris Grikaite is Leo the Lion. A fire sign, Leo’s are big-hearted and extremely exuberant. Guinevere van Seenus is a Virgo. This earth element is reliable, practical and stoic. Mariacarla Boscono is a Scorpio. And, I must say, I wasn’t surprised. A fearsome creature, they can be both powerful/passionate while exhibiting signs of jealousy/resentfulness. My personal experience tells me. Don’t “F” with a Scorpio. Anok Yai is a Sagittarius. Independent and imaginative, this Fire Sign is a born adventurer.

This is the Year of Giving Dangerously ~ Deliciously Dangerous ~ that is… From holding a lit match in your mouth to diving in the dark. This is a Story about the Art of the Woman. The female is arousing, electric, exotic and divine. This isn’t just about Fighting to Be the Female We Are Meant to Be. This is about Fighting To Be Free. Here we witness a picture of full-powered femininity at it’s Finest. Bold in it’s own right, yet connected to the greater picture. This calendar captures the momentum of spirit that lives within each woman. For me this is a powerful pictorial event. The flavor of the feminine is alive in every month. These vibrations are constantly in motion. Indicating a certain pattern of potential within each person. Uniquely connected, each shot is a celebration of the independent spirit. Look and You Shall Find the Fighting Spirits of Goddess Divine. Reach Beyond and You Shall See The Colors the Connect You to Me.

 Open Your Mind Ever Divine ~ Experience the Spirit Sublime 

Candice Swanepoel as Libra Benefitting Mothers 2 Mothers

Alek Wek as Aries Benefitting Keep a Child Alive

Carolyn Murphy as Gemini Benefitting Animal Haven

Irina Shayk as Capricorn Benefitting
Cindy Crawford as Pisces Benefitting Women’s Guild

Doutzen Kroes as Aquarius Benefitting Knot On My Planet

Guinevere van Seenus as Virgo Benefitting BARC Shelter

Kris Grikaite as Leo Benefitting Squadra 4Zampe

Miss Fame as Cancer Benefitting Hetrick Martin Institute

Stella Maxwell as Taurus Benefitting amfAR

Mariacarla Boscono as Scorpio Benefitting Naked Heart Foundation

Anok Yai as Sagittarius Benefiting Step Up