Emanuele Farneti Embraces Sustainability by Substituting Fashion Illustrations for Photographs in Vogue Italia, January 2020

Emanuele Farneti invites us to consider our place in the world. He uses his magazine as a compass for change. Cover pages, usually dedicated to many designers and their fine fashion wares, is this month filled with original works by artists replacing photographs with illustrations. This is awe-inspiring because it’s different. I see this as an Industry Exercise. Designed to stimulate the mind. Think about it… this is a statement on sustainability, yet, the very expressive choice we’ve used can literally not be sustained. That, I think, is compelling. I don’t want to dismiss Vogue Italia’s right to engage in such a mindful opportunity. Yet, I also want to see the forest through the trees. To make true change we must be willing to view things as they are. We are intellectual beings. We can handle it. There is no part of this story that surprises me. I am aware that we need to continue to drive toward a more sustainable future. It’s remarkable to make artistic choices toward that end. Firstly, we must aim to reach the heart and then the mind. How do you tune into a toned out population sector? Enter Vogue Italia’s newest editor-in-chief, Emanuele Farneti. Embracing both the intellectual and emotion sides of sustainability, he made a decision to use fashion illustrations in favor of photographs. It’s the first time a editorial has been published without photographs since the inception of the glossy magazine.

We are a hungry people. We gorge on the gorgeous. To understand our system we must become one with our surroundings. Her eyes drip with tears so does blood echo in kind from the mosquito’s stylets. This is a statement on sustainability. A word thrown around so frequently these days, it’s easy to start forgetting it’s true meaning. We must form a fusion of strong minds melding in favor or truth. Ultimately we are seeking change. Wait for it… that can be measure! That’s a compelling prospect. We can’t kid ourselves that an editorial layout is the answer. Regardless of how spectacularly expressed, these are just images used to incite real change. Visual events, like these, can help in spread the word, but, we must be willing to distinguish the difference. We should see this as commotion created to capture the attention of the population. It’s time to get real. We’ve been leveraging ourselves into another century. Comfortable with leaving the bill to the next generation… and beyond.

There’s beauty in believing. We must work to conceive not deceive. We’re a brilliant people with the mind-power to conquer these challenges. Sophisticated messages can be a successful strategy, but we need more. We need to give people a reason to connect. A fight to get behind. To reach people on an authentic level we must inspire passion. Thereby taking change to heart. That’s the most authentic hope we have for our future. Commonality kills. Strength of character and power of person can get lost in our current system. I know thought provoking words have a hard time getting through contemporary life. This is my challenge and my offering. We owe it to those who came before us, to ourselves and those who will follow. If we stop the selfie riot for one minute, we might have time to think. Magazines aren’t going to change their fundamental layout, it’s not feasible. Individuals must coalesce around a common goal… to leave this world better than we found it.

We are at an incredible crossroad of existential crisis. It matters not how my writing affects you. If you are moved by my prose or find them overworked and tedious. I care not. I only hope that something in these words reach you. That is my offering. I hope it’s enough to touch one person. I have then made a difference. Please, read this and consider what yours will be. We need it now more than you know. Connection is key. The younger generation needs us now. Give your time to help inspire a mind. This is no future trip. We’re taking into account the truth as it stands. Political, Economic, Climate Calculus. Humanitarian change asks us all to give. Any offering is valid. When you give your authentic time with your authentic mind, you have given the best part of yourself. I Feel Hopeful as We Embark on 2020!

Whatever your opinion on this exercise, the result has been and overwhelming response to Emanuele Farneti’s Cover/Editorial spread. Please check out the variety of interesting write-ups on Vogue Italia’s compelling choice for January 2020, to include; CNN, New York Times, Washington Post


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Vogue Italia January 2020 Cover by Vanessa Beecroft

Vogue Italia January 2020 Assa Baradji by Delphine Desane

Vogue Italia January 2020 Lily Sumner by David Salle

Vogue Italia January 2020 Lindsey Wixson by Yoshitaka Amano

Vogue Italia January 2020 Ambar Cristal Zarzuela by Cassi A. Namoda

Vogue Italia January 2020 Felice Nova Noordhoff by Paolo Ventura

Vogue Italia January 2020 Olivia Vinten by Milo Manara