Panna Muhi in ‘Lady Stardust’ by David Ajkai for Vogue Czechoslovakia, December 2019

Happy New Year 2020!!!

Panna Muhi lights up the sky in ‘Lady Stardust’ by David Ajkai for Vogue Czechoslovakia, December ’19. Silver does sprinkle across my mind a dizzying spectacle of thoughts divine… a new year comes in record time… shining down the holiday line. This is an intimate portrayal of poetic thunder crashing into pretty. Panna’s skin is covered in sparkles but her facial expression is one of somberness. That compliments the season of strange we’ve been living under. To hide this behind a pretty picture would not be true to who we are. We are a conflicted people. This story is a celebration of that truth.

Giulia Carini utilizes the vibrancy of glitter to play against the quietness of her tone. One would expect to find this kind of applied shine to be met with overt giddiness. Instead, depth overtakes her, as each shot is equalized by distinct somberness. It’s hard to imagine you would be anything but giddy. Yet, here we see her temperament is still one of control. The silver slides across her skin like tiny beads of chaos dancing. Carini covers the face, neck, cheek and ear in various shades of sparkle. Her crimson lips compete for face time as this is the only feature shown with color. There’s a level of intimacy these images portray. They go in close, but somehow they wander past the border of no return. Gold covers her throat as if to quiet her roll, but, she a Stardust fighter she speaks in tones of solid gold.

We Leave the Last Year with a Smile. Standing on the edge of a new decade we feel our spirit rise. Beauty grazes in the quiet places as time won’t wait for truth to awake. ‘Lady Stardust’ we ask you to rise in quiet revolt. We ask you to rise and rebel… don’t waste in haste… be wise and revise. Dig in deep with thoughtful protest. Cry out loud for those who ache. For this coming decade might ask that we access who we are and where we belong. We, as a people, might need to collect our conscious beings to save ourselves. Staring through her mask of glitter Panna opens her arms to a new decade. It’s a new day… a new way. We won’t be held down any longer. We must fight to be free. Deliver us from our wretched thoughts. Let the Glory of Glitter Shine as We Enter a New Era.