Janet Jumbo in ‘Eden’ by Txema Yeste for Número #210 February 2020

Janet Jumbo rises in ‘Eden’ by Txema Yeste for Número #210, February 2020. Art is a rebel born to fly of earthy gems that soar so high. Hope is heralded and FREEDOM is found, bound by the beauty of this earthly surround. We find ourselves lost in the spirit of fantasy as Yeste takes us on a journey of discovery. A visual experience unlike any other. This phenom of photography makes our experience feel authentic by embracing the elements unlike any other. Art flies in fluid form ever reaching for her way to home. Bound by the beauty of this lush, green land our souls are lifted in cinematic command.

Raising Her Face On High Dreaming of the ‘FREEDOM’ to Fly. I Can See Farther than the Eye Can Conceive. I Believe Deeper Therefore I Can Achieve. The Art I Make is the Aire I Breathe. Allowing it to Elevate the Senses. I Don’t Fly. I Rise. I Rise Because I Try. Higher than I Ever Thought Possible. I Imagine, Therefore I Can. I Do, Therefore I Am! 

The abstract angles are something so unexpected from this fine photographer. I find myself lost in those slight variations. Gentle baring gives rise to a kind of subtle surprise, whereby, what we look for is all inside. This story is an experience. So moved was I when I first came upon these pages, I took 24 hours to let the shots sink into my soul. I covet and have covered this man’s genius for many years. I am truly one of his greatest fan’s. There are times when he reaches places that are truly undefinable. I know because I try. His works leave me speechless. That’s the highest compliment I can pay. Txema Yeste isn’t bound by limits he is freed by opportunities. Appearing as if the camera is under Jumbo as she jumps into the air. Rocks surround her as if she’s in a circle of energy.

Bernat Buscato shows us what Haute Couture, in the right hands, can really do. For so long now we have been lost in a kind of pop-culture madhouse. Modeling is not for the mediocre. Great models are like artisans themselves. They are of a different ilk. They bring life to high fashion. Worn upon the back of any other beautiful girl, the result would not be the same. Here, haute couture doesn’t get caught in the weeds of popularity, or aim to overwhelm the atmosphere. The bold nature of these designs work to elevate the exotic background. Coalescing in a connective experience, that excites elements of this extreme editorial. Jordi Fontanals jumps on the conceptual bandwagon, both blending and extending. Art and nature careen in a dream as haute headgear is born from bosom of creative couture. No one said beauty was a benign concept. It’s a thinking feeling animal of tremendous proportion. It’s as vast as it is subtle… it’s a savage as it is sweet. This is literally a feast for the eyes. And frankly, it’s clear why this level of avant-garde genius isn’t offered every month. In truth, we couldn’t take it!!!

Victor Alvarez brings his talents to bare upon this stunning skin. Janet Jumbo’s highly defined features become a perfect platform for this makeup to play. Shades of baby blue turn instead to a neon hue, as orange shapes slide over the face landing on lips for a final trace. A bouquet bursts out her hairline as varied shapes fall down her skin. Over her shoulder and down her arm makeup gives way to a scenic surround. Going from natural beauty that glows, to just enough gold to highlight her glorious bones. To a makeup mural, as it were. Her facial structure is stunning. Literally, her high cheekbones are set off by a defined jawline and perfect features. Topped by widespread eyes and full lips, so delicious, I lack the verbiage to do them justice. If my writing doesn’t reflect it, or my words can’t convey, let’s just give her a big hooray! This girl is GORGEOUS!!! Still thinking… I let my eyes caress every inch of her skin. Luxurious??? That word is light and leaves me wanting more. I Got it. Her skin is a feast for the eyes.

Alvarez shows us he’s got mad skills with gallery worthy skin-art. Abstract lines surround the eyes in yellow dashes, leaving simple marks that make a statement. Conceptually connected to the idea of organic. Derived from the sky taken from the sea, upon this earth I do believe. To live inside a circle of trust, you need to have truth first. Txema takes us to a place where truth isn’t just first, it’s first, last and everything past. It’s the future it’s now it’s everything how. To open our mind to this kind of poetry. To show it exists inside our realm of reality, is something we should all be proud of. It’s something we should all strive to see and then to save. What we’ve learned, in our short time on this planet, is that nothing is protected. To lay our eyes upon such natural beauty, will allow our collective brain cloud to remember what it is we are fighting to protect. Before we destroy so much land we must remember, it wasn’t just alive… it thrived. Standing to reason that maybe without our interference, unhampered and unaffected, nature could just evolve.

Txema Yeste’s mind-altering mix of art and nature allow you to alter your pathway to embark on a new direction. Magic is made with every click of the camera. Freedom is found with every turn of the page. Take my hand and join me on a journey of change. An experience that will take you to the heights of humanity. It’s not often that we can engage in this type of third-party revolution. Whereby the intensity of what we witness is so hypnotic, you can only be changed by your willingness to engage. It offers a way to absorb the spectacle you take in by committing to the act of conviction. Each dynamic design is created with one thing in mind. To transform the wearer and take her away. Here we see Janet bring these elements of design to a new level. Gently falling over the frame echoing in time a fateful rhyme. The sky replies with a gentle cry that falls in the form of rain.