Chloë Sevigny by Elizaveta Porodina for The Cut Magazine, May 2020

Elizaveta Porodina captures Queen Chloë on the thrown of her own for The Cut, New York Magazine. Chloë Sevigny gets Real/Raw, by sharing a moment of intimacy, inviting us into her room thru optics of Zoom. We live in strange times. Bordering on bleak. There is no escaping that fact. In the midst of all this, can you imagine being 9 months pregnant with your first child? Stop there. That’s enough to blow the mind. However, in-spite of that reality, she’s chosen to share a piece of her experience. Accenting the challenge, enter the talented Elizaveta Porodina. This amazing photographer was able to digitally roam, getting a unique feeling for the star in her own space. Openly inviting us into her environment, at such a private time. Sevigny shows us she really shares a connection with her audience. Given the parameters of the Pandemic, it’s not as easy as it sounds. She steps up to the plate, by taking on the tasks that are usually reserved for the professionals (i.e. makeup/styling/hair). But, let’s be clear, this cool chick has been doing “it” for the entirety of her glorious career. She was never one who played it safe or relied on trends to keep her on track. This woman is the epitome of (P²), pregnant & powerful. Dancing to her own tune… she hasn’t missed a beat!


Starting as One

Two Will Become

The Center-Stone

Of Life & Love…


the you of me

will transform to we

together forever

in harmony


languishing upon us

the meaning of love

we’ll follow the signs

from heaven above


the spirit speaks

wild and free

awaiting the arrival

under life’s tree


a child does grow

of earth and ground

sewing the spirit

of sanguine sound


bound by glory

borne in light

sought to fulfill

her birthing rite


a divine foretelling

of what’s to come

told in the tale

of the rising sun


a coming of hope

laden with truth

unfurled across

this bountiful earth


love reflected

like stars in sky

shining a light from

New Borne Eyes


poetic prose – tanyajo

Chloë Sevigny ~ From to You… We Wish A Beautiful Birth!