Ruinan Dong by Greg Kadel for Dansk Magazine Issue #43, SS 2020

Beauty Borne on Sight Bred Into Light. We Ache to See the Coming of Avant-Garde Artistry as We Wake to See the Better Part of Humanity. Ruinan Dong covers THE Future in “Shimmer Shimmer” by Greg Kadel for Dansk Magazine Issue #43, S/S 2020. THE Future is Now. This is a Defining Moment. It’s a coming to light. High Art resists commonality by it’s willingness to exceed the rules. To travel far outside the norm. To push us to question ourselves and our standing in the world today. A standard by which true avant-garde artisans aren’t afraid to explore. This isn’t a game. This is a question of who we are. What we stand for. What we can accomplish. Who we can save. There is Much To Be Done Before the Set of the Sun.

Artfully expressed through the use of limbatic pronouncements. This is an un-choreographed piece of poetic intent. Beautifully orchestrated. Passion projects in many forms. It doesn’t always relate to full measure. Sometimes it is merely a state of accepting things we cannot change. It is a succumbing to Truth. Gold and silver are not merely tonal shades. They are reflections of our innermost feelings. Are we here? Are we there? Are we really anywhere? This is a question of our sentience.. our being. This is about a blurring that occurs between the lines. Truth exists in these shadows. Life longs to do more than linger… it deigns to discover.

Shimmery styles settle over her skin like body hugging beauty that begs to believe it can achieve true enlightenment. Yulia Lobova-Harfouch uses fashion as a form of sentient expression, with fabrics so slick the eyes slip off each pic. Asking that we go beyond what we see, delving deeper into ourselves. Ferocity ebbs/flows over the face as silver/white erupt in a swirling angst. Metal melts in a dream like space, as shining styles land with gentle grace. Lloyd Simmonds uses the skin as an extension of the soul.

What links us together will not be put asunder… we will forge our way into this scourge… wading in deep there we will meet it head on. What afflicts and torments the soul of humanity will only be lifted by love. Conscientiousness rises to meet it’s counterpoint. Venturing to the top of the mountain we find ourselves yearning for the sea. Then moving to the center of the desert sand we meet the symbolic reaches of Earth’s great hand. Poetry pauses in gentle grace, as we continue to simultaneously loose and find perspective.

Never has there been a time in our history when we’ve been asked to be more open to the symbolic messaging. We must be willing to walk this lonely path in order to find our truth. We will be enlightened by our individualization process. A journey by which we will bond. A sharing of soulful return. A process that will ultimately bring us together. Waking to Know To Hurt is To Grow. Waking to Believe to Do is to See. We Must Make Haste Understanding that We Have No Time to Waste.