Bella & Gigi Hadid by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris, May/June 2020

Gigi Hadid, Rianne van Rompaey, Bella Hadid & Vaughan Ollier ask What if We Were to Dream in ‘Et Si On Rêvait?’ by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris, May/June 2020. A palate of pretty a face we can’t forget. Feeling our way. We forgo the idea of average in an effort to fly. High above the plateau. If only for a moment. Take my hand and we will soar. Emmanuelle Alt dares to dream, at a time I can’t think of anything more potent. We don’t need to be teased or told all is well. Instead, we ask for inner calm. This Pandemic is Real. Nothing will change that. Art can lift you. It can take you away. Not in an effort to hide the eyes, but to open them even wider. Art is a great equalizer. Helping gain perspective in our ongoing effort to garner inner wealth. Asking only that we bare ours back. Editor-n-Chief, Emmanuelle Alt, shares her editorial instincts “In this interlude of instability, where anxiety is heightened and the unknown is king, we are reassured by the familiar. This edition of Vogue Paris celebrates, more now than ever, what we know and love: fashion and dreaming.”

These images leave me breathless. I’m usually overwrought with my need to succeed in finding the right verbiage. Struggling to do a story justice. To do my ego justice. Here, however, the words just flow fluidly. This colorful story reads like a storm coming through the clouds, with some winds flowing quiet while some soar extra loud. Exquisitely executed, this is poetic perfection. The trio of triumphant Inez, Vinoodh & Alt have uncovered something utterly unexpected. In the middle of the worst outbreak of our lifetime, they’ve managed to take us to a place where passion and pain can coexist. They’ve given our creativity the right to come alive again. Cracking the window so we can feel the cool breeze. This storied masterpiece has sought to reconcile our inner chaos. Using our emotions as part of the equation. Not looking to erase the intensity instead seeking to elevate our state of equilibrium. Art is a sentimental prospect. It’s unapologetic in it’s surge for satisfaction. It doesn’t feed on our pain or dwell in our darkness. Rather, it exposes the deepest part of our beings. That which moves us… moves the world. Truth is transparent.

Gigi looks through the eyes of the night with silver stars that make things right. Fulvia Farolfi captures a sense of wonder and awe in this magical makeup tale. There’s an undeniable connection met with each image. Voluminous fashions are filled with elements of fantasy, as each shot is backed by blank walls lit with color. Sounds simple, yet each one comes alive with pride. Beauty is bound as humanity is found. Like a gypsy dancer full of grace fall into her rhythm as you sense her embrace. Piercing us with her electric stare, fair warning, let the viewers beware. Bella offers more than just beauty she brings a sense of self to the stage. Fulvia uses the landscape of Rianne’s face, filling every inch with a kaleidoscope of cohesive colors. Appearing to inhabit the vibe, each pictures captures the scene with looks that scream 70’s supreme. Hypnotic hues work in tandem as stripes sink into the skin. Leaving a metallic mist that gives the paint a more palatable presentation. Decked out in Gold Lamé Rompaey is pure decadence. Wearing a Pucci headscarf gives her a dose of the decade. These styles aren’t your typical fashion fare. The raw embers of life and all it’s follies are felt in the flurry of raw gemstones worn over their skin. They are a mix of mild stones and rock hard pieces. I see each one of these like precious gemstones. On the one hand they’re cohesive, all presenting exceedingly well. On the other, they’re wildly savage, with the independent spirit of the open road. Finding your inner fire when forced to stay stagnant. This is a powerful story about movement found in the time of stillness.

Rianne wears an exotic mask of magenta feathers, as her piercing blue eyes invite us to fly. Bella follows the fantasy as Farfoli has drawn flowers that fall over her face and down her neck. Vaughan presents in pink, as her powerful side profile is marked by rosy cheeks that blend into the backdrop. Isolated images take a dramatic turn, as Inez & Vinoodh spin the element of loneliness around. They say the mark of great imagery rests in the idea that truth never ends. Motion is caught in a moment but the mind’s eye extends the visual experience. Clicking the camera at just the right moment, each shot seems to tempt the limits of still photography. Limbs seem to extend past the point of no return. Giving this editorial a multi-dimensional effect. Bold colors rise to the occasion as dresses billow out with breathtaking effect. These four, fearsome females play well together while obviously being shot individually. But, I would be remiss if I didn’t call out Gigi’s performance. She brings an emotional connection I haven’t yet seen from her. Making this, in my estimation, the most successful editorial she’s done to date. The lilting pout of her eyes plays to the downturn aspect of her mouth. Sending a message that simultaneously expresses sadness and strength. In this we witness a woman coming into her own. There is something very special about that reality happening at this time. I don’t know when this was shot, but it’s clear that your energy had shifted as your body is preparing to bare the beauty of life. Congratulations Gigi, you wear it well!