Maggie Maurer in “Carnival” by Elizabeta Porodina for Numéro Netherlands 02

Stretch your arms around fear and strife welcoming in the many colors of life. Maggie Maurer finds within herself a festival of light in the “Carnival” by Elizaveta Porodina for Numéro Netherlands 02. Not limited by the virtues of learning, we find ourselves free to search the past without being fenced in by our future. Elizaveta is on a quest of theatric discovery, imploring her readers to explore. The very manner by which she operates her camera invites the mind to travel. Hers isn’t merely a visual tale, it’s more a transient trip. One where discovery defines our state of mind. Art allows for this kind of chaos to occur. It’s one of the few avenues in life that encourages magical thinking.

Embers glowing fill the night with mystical fires that burn ever bright. This story emphasizes the disconnection that came to define the circus, from a historical perspective. Behind the chaos of circus life stood the purity of artistry. Throughout time, a circus has been a place, for those whom thought strange were welcomed with open arms. This co-joining of humanity was a community open and free. Often a place where the typically strange were housed. This band of “freaks” as they were often thought of, had found each other. By banding together they were able to profit off their physical situation. Some would see this as crass. Others would view it as an opportunity. And, thus the modern circus was created. A play where uniqueness was often a freak-show? The art and mind meld in this story of sensuous longings and playful passions. Porodina presents a new view. Asking that we look beyond the lens of lucidity and get lost in the landscape of lunacy.

Apparent to the senses significant to the story. Maggie walks through the walls of the ethereal boundaries without a care in the world. Her being is one of light and sun, yet her depth allows from some honest darkness to unveil itself. Darkness refers to a revving up of the real. We are Witnessing the Coming of Creativity. Art and excess blend in true beauty as the sentiment of cinema ensues. Double vision seen like an old black/white film played on a projector. This visual spectacle of darkness takes on a depth, as colors make an appearance. This is a treat for the eyes. Each image is rich with detail and historic reference, without being bogged down by the rituals of representation. Dynamic details burst in a bouquet of beauty as rich layers of ribbons wrapped around her dress. Enticing us with an exotic array. A paradise of patterns erupt as dreams seem to spin into infinite.

Lisa Jarvis uses style to speak. This is living, breathing fashion art. Every pieces of fabric tells a tale. They aren’t limber in their attitude, rather they are insistent in phrasing. Voiced in poetic expression, Maggie is utterly magnificent in looks that Lisa Jarvis brings to life. These aren’t frills to merely frolic. Covered in yarn, her knit dress continues up her arm and out, finished in the form of a blue/white balloon. Draped in decadence each dynamic outfit is a feast for the eyes. This entire editorial is a Mystical Ferry-land of Fashion and Fury. Cécile Paravina explores a bevy of beauty, with hyper-modern makeup that starts with no-brows and ends with exotic eyelashes. Done in shadowed symmetry the dark lips look hyper defined. Many of these images are ripe with meaning. The multiple Hindu arms represent immense strength and power, and her see-thru hands speak to ethereal energy.