Thais Borges by Carlos Teixeira for Vogue Portugal May/June 2020

Thais Borges wears her feelings on her sleeve (so to speak) by Carlos Teixeira for Vogue Portugal May/June 2020. Pain Reveals as Time Does Heal… That the Winds of Change Will Blow Again. Sitting in the shadows of self the light invites us to breathe. This is a story of regrowth. Of personal development. Of coming into our own as we have been sheltered in the shadows of self. This has been a time of real change. Not just the environmental adjustments and revisions. We’ve witnessed a time of true transformation. A Metamorphosis. A Mutation. A Real Revolution has taken place. As we melt into our new-normal, it would behoove us to consider the words used here. Artfully conveyed in both a subtle and strong ways. We see ‘kindness’ projected across her back. The double image of ‘listen’ plays over her face, twice as she stares softly into a mirror. And, finally we see ‘strong together’ conveyed over her couture, in such a way as to portray symbolic synergy. To inspire us to stop and consider candidly, the meaning of such simple words. Wild flowers surround and cover her eyes, a message that speaks to the nature of things out of our control. Veronica Bergamini uses a subtle hand to signal this message of strength.

A Tale of Truth

Told in Time

Cleanses the Soul

Free’s the Mind


Out of the Dark

And Into the Light

Things Once Hidden

Are Brought to Life


Sensed in Presence

Lost in Surround

Feelings Manifest

Thoughts Profound


Stories Revealed

In the Light of Day

Change Our Visions

As Dreams Do Stay


Tears Rush In Splendor

Falling from the Eyes

That Which Transform

Comes from Her Cries


Praying for Guidance

Accepting the Pain

Reaching a Savior

In Storm of Life’s Reign


Where Once I Was Lost

Truth is Now Found

Together We Stand

In this Healing Surround


Facing Our Fears We See a Disease We Despise. Fighting Together We Rage Against the Dying of the Light (Dylan Thomas). Together… Forever… We Work as One. United We Stand Divided We Fall. Phraseology that has Led Many a Wo(Man) Across the Torn Divide. An Arduous Journey, but One with Great Reward. Kindness Will Thrive as We Find Ourselves. Connected as a Collective People We Endure Pain to Collectively Regain. Growing Ever Stronger We Become One With the Rising Sun. Taking a Poetic Posture We Rise Against the Dying of the Light.

Hope is Now Harvested In a Whole New Way…

Opening the Door to a BRAND NEW DAY.


Sitting in the Shadow of Self ‘Kindness’ Comes to Mind