Deila Deidei in ‘the circle, the triangle + the square’ by MASA for Schön Magazine, June 2020

Deila Deidei shows us the shape of things to come in ‘the circle, the triangle + the square‘ by MASA for Schön Magazine, June 2020. There’s a haunting quality to this amazing imagery. The hair is a square, finger-rolls do bare a triangulated shape is there… as madness mixes with mayhem to complete a series of coiffured masterpieces. When we look carefully we get coiffure that presents in the form of chaos. Hair that appears chaotic but at it’s roots is clean and crisp. Form and fantasy fuse as waves dictate the shape of things to come. Mayu MORIMOTO opens our world to the cinema of coiffure. A pictorial presentation that plays to the imagination.

MASA invites the eyes to caress the scene with a spectacular series that plays like a dream. Art is an exquisite thing with an aspect of linear travel that takes us to the extreme. There’s a tactile pleasure that accompanies this imagery. Dare I say a level of intimacy, not usually maintained during such a display. On the surface it could appear hard, but softens as you settle into the story. We see Deila donning hair done in a square-shape that surrounds her face, falling down her body where is slowly disintegrates. The styles are the star of the show, but behind every shot there is truth to know. Her eyes can’t deny the internal struggle that we, as the viewing audience, witness. It’s haunting… it’s daunting… it’s forever… it is now. There’s a vast difference between danger and despair. But, here we are witness to these powers at play.

There’s a defining remoteness to each shot. Giving them independence from the thematic scene. It’s easy to identify the pictorial thread that runs through this storied editorial. Jay Kwan creates skin shades that go from naked to extreme, by embodying the beauty of an avant-garde dream. Imperial purple graces Deila’s face with bold applications, as Gold cries from her eyes in an aurelian explosion. Kwan uses the face as a place to trace her inner travel through time and space. Skin art uses a black pencil leaves behind a line of liquidity. Done in fluid form. Covering her brow and surrounds her eye, a line runs straight down the nose covering her lips, then ending over the chin. We find ourselves wandering into that valley of the unknown. Subtlety and wildness are opposing forces that stay apart but are compelled to play in the same box. This is a captivating concept. Lost in her mesmeric ways we find ourselves caught in her hypnotic gaze. Art evolves in the equinox of life.

Her dark eyes gives light to the night. A sinking sadness that no one can deny. An ever-breaking heart that sinks inside the dark a tale of too much time lost inside the mind. Vacuous yearnings of time never spent. Curvaceous callings of hands that never met. I ache to see the dispelling mystery of truth untold on the top of the nexus mold. Oh fair the lady may I sit with you a spell… a shattered born of earth and scorn that the tell it well!!! Extremes are nothing but a runaway dream.

The Shapes that Dictate… la vision of laissez-faire


a circle… a triangle…

a square does bare

beyond all beauty

that we shall share

a precious world

to behold indeed

where one is all

and hope is freed

for this a syllable

of scale to read

an enchanted earth

transforms from



from me to you

and way beyond

dance in streets

sing a sad song

shapes do twist

inside and out

baring the soul

making them shout

art is a conquest

of loving delight

set from the sun

borne from the night


Shapes Do Dictate…

a moment to mourn

open your eyes

see the true storm

a willful reaction

a mindful return

a journey now taken

a soulful sojourn

lower your head

quiet your heart

hold in your mind

to end we must start


poetic prose – tanyajo