Jay de Pretto in ‘Bad Romance’ by Alan Gelati for L’Officiel Singapore July 2020

Jasmine Jessica De Pretto embodies the art of future fashion in ‘Bad Romance’, creatively detailed by Alan Gelati for L’Officiel Singapore July 2020. It’s so exciting to see a proper editorial excursion in the face of the Pandemic. I am not one to minimize the seriousness or carelessly abandon our duty as citizens. However, as we continue down this ‘Road Less Traveled’ I believe we must honor creative needs. I am an artist first. My mind, body and soul seek solace in the center of self. To me that says we must go deeper. Ever in our history has there been a time so appointed? We must think of this time as precious, because it is. If we have learned anything, it is that every breath we take is a gift.

The time is now. We’ve been given a rare opportunity to explore. We are bound, as thinking animals, to execute these opportunities. Recently I took some time off from my daily routine, to investigate my relationship with WORDS. Are they a core part of my inner emotions, or, are they the intellectual representation of my physical manifestations? As Robert Frost puts it, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Is this the route I take on my journey to arrive? Does this help my instinct to thrive? Or does this show me how to survive? I peruse each page of pictorial pleasure (yes, I know, I have Alliteration issues), and as I do so my palate is persuaded. Come on how could I resist… moving on. I found Paolo Lapicca’s work to be outstanding. His styles send signals, leading us on a sentimental sojourn. Showcasing high Haute-Couture from houses of Dolce & Gabbana, PucciFendiGivenchyGucciMarco de VincenzoMiu MiuPhilosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, RedemptionValentino and finally the great ~ 8 Moncler Richard Quinn. They all speak the language of mind-style, giving rise to a kind of design tide. The act of neo-reflection. This isn’t about presenting forward fashion, or accepting it as such. Rather, we are being asked to indulge in a rare unearthing. A journey of personal discovery that will open our collective mind to a new way to rise.

I have always been attracted to the deeply true. Art that is real. Untouched by the hand of commerce. Art confined by none defined by no-one. Created in the desert of defiance, the mind chimes as the winds do blow. Follow the the heart doth say, follow me to another day. Monetary enticement doesn’t move me. It need not be that kind of enticement to inspire. Bound by honor held by the heart. True art, at it’s core, is an appealing animal. I ponder this and I am struck by a familiar sense. What I see is a three-way, of the most consequential kind. A creative three-way. Extending to reach the pinnacle of power, POP, the highest level of potential. Photographer/model/stylist forge an unbreakable bond. Alan Gelati brings these forces together, inspiring Paolo Lapicca’s divine designs to deliver a message of strength. Standing in the center of self, Jasmine is called upon to carry such a message. She Isn’t Moving the Art… The Art is Moving Her! There’s a heavy distinction. By allowing her body to be the clothing carrier and her brain to be the message barer. She shows us We can all Be the center of The.

There is still a discerning editorial process, yet I challenge, it’s more astute. Acutely aplomb. Choosing based on a measure of depth more than physical presence. I am human. I will forever be moved by the that which moves me. What I mean to project is a sense of symbiosis, of which I am keenly aware. A story done primarily in black/white with touches of color to cast a spell. Each image is subtle in it’s approach yet staggering in it’s landing. I know I sound like a woman who’s been walking the baron desert of boring designs, desperate for a drink. And, while that holds some truth, I dare say my needle has been moved. For every word choice there is an internal mechanism by which we run the machinery of the mind. So Come to Me My Pretty Prose ~ Now Is the Time!!!