Ling Chen in ‘Water Flight’ by Primol Xue for Vogue China July 2020

Ling Chen floats to find the center of self in ‘Water Flight’ by Primol Xue for Vogue China, July 2020. High fashion is fused with fury, in this fluid form of avant-garde aquatica. What secrets lay beneath the surface? Gracing us with an image of her sunken skin. She lays in the pool, her face reflected on the water’s edge. Poetry in non-motion. Half-submerged, a full shot is mirrored back. Pondering the pool of potential. Staring into the Soul. A reflection of time is echoed as aquatic art is unleashed. Her skin is awaken by the wetness of the water, as bubbles start to rise. Wang Qian uses makeup as a tool to tell. A cast of chaotic colors commence. Orange stripes chase over her face and down her leg. Continuing forth, they flow in fluid time. Creativity calms as the power starts to rise. It’s as if we are seeing nu-skin unhinged. This is a tale of tumult, a picture of uninhibited dimensions. The water echos off the glow of her body. The arc of her beauty blends with the surroundings as her features meld into the deep blue. Qian creates a lovely kind of chaos, as she artfully takes Ling’s face into the future. Caught in the echo chambers of time watching the mind deign to climb. She slips into the water and slides off to sleep.


the water

in flight

rises high

to meet

the sky

wading true

into blue

we are

one with

the sun


and none

we will


the sum

of truth

and all

that is


poetic prose – tanyajo