Anok by Willy Vanderperre for AnOther Magazine AW20

Anok floats down the sky-stage of life in “Fight, Flight, Unite” decked out in Maison Margiela Artisanal, designed by John Galliano. Like a stage show come to life, this story was shot by Willy Vanderperre for AnOther Magazine, AW20. A beautiful blend of art/excess showcases humanity in it’s most poetic place. To be both in an above this tells a tale of the tumult of love. The edges are strong the middle is soft what’s left to divulge but the heart is aloft. This gives a powerful perspective on the concept of we. High-Designs defy the conceptual notion of too much stuff, allowing the mind to wander into the open field of fantasy. Obstacles that live inside us wish to deny a connection to that part of ourselves that is ready to reveal. It’s not about screaming the loudest it’s about being the proudest! Galliano represents a fusion of humanity and haute couture, uncommonly seen in today’s tumultuous landscape. Palpable elements aren’t hidden but celebrated. The human element is discernibly present in this poetic display of full fashion art. Bright tones take shape with pops that punctuate his message of strength. Makeup is disturbingly cool with shadows that light up each eye. Orange and yellow give way to a tectonic teal, as models are literally strewn across the stage. Modern millinery plays on, as primary shades put spell on us with histrionic hats that cast a colorful hue. Each shot speaks to the genius of John G.

Only one man could accomplish the impossible, making a group of gorgeous people wearing tattered and torn clothing look like a band of gypsy warriors going off to stage a coo. In the wrong hands these garments could look like trash. Excuse my bluntness, but, that’s a fact. Yet, here we see this play out like the drama of high design. Ripped in just the right places, the fabric parts, showing us glimpses of raw skin. Material hangs down, determined to hold it’s place in the pictorial patchwork. A mind-meld of miraculous talent, this sartorial cinema reads like a spectacle of theatrics. John G. proves once again his works aren’t merely pieces of clothing they are costumes of couture. Purposely torn apart and then sewn together. A material revolt. Random cuts expose the tattered ruins of our current system, ripped away from the center and and patched back with symbolic pride. He manages to make fashion appear both attached and detached, simultaneously. Here lay the wreckage of reality covered by the canopy of creativity. Viewing this I find myself moved.

Vanderperre invites you to escape into this world of mental majesty where only the truly inspired will survive. Sartorial Speak is a Secretive Lover. One Can Never Fully Understand. Longingly Profound! Achingly So. Words Written Forever Felt…


inside the tattered ruins of wreckage

lay the bodies of the beautiful

artfully exposed, yet ruefully ravaged

these are the flowing tears of wasted years

pain and pleasure, agony and excess

feelings castaway like so much raw sewage

ripping through the yearnings of yesterday

here lays the harmony of heartbreak


In the Quiet Respite of My Longing

is a truth I’ll never know

of silent ties and lonely nights

that lay me out to dry

oh dear one don’t leave me here

on a cliff I can not climb

for it is here

in the sanguine sphere

where truth I will not find


Left Behind

these images open the mind

to the poetry of harmony

to the sanctity of liberty

life is but a winding road

with nowhere left to go…


poetic prose – tanyajo