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Sibui Nazarenko Takes Fashion to Field 'Sculpture'

Sibui Nazarenko goes for the win in ‘Sculpture’ by Andoni & Arantxa for Manifesto Magazine, May/June 2014. The art of beauty is often left to the runways, but here we take a detour to play. Making the ultimate connection between high fashion and fun, this combination captures our imagination. Stylist, Alberto Murtra, brings us a fusion of the spectacular with a dynamic mix of colors/texture/style. 


Zuzanna Bijoch Crosses Artistic Mediums in 'Daj Sie Skusic,' for Flesz

Crossing over, Hunter & Gatti take us on a spiritual journey in, ‘Daj Sie Skusic,’ for the October issue of Flesz Magazine.  Inspired by the other-worldly beauty of Zuzanna Bijoch, dynamic studio shots bleed into a series of acrylic paintings, creating a transcendental crossover between artistic mediums.  Capturing the power of the female spirit, Bijoch’s photographic images move into the canvas works, echoing the loneliness of our journey.   

“Video Killed the Magazine Star” Querelle Jansen in Exit

Clear the Static for this homage to vintage sci-fi, with a layout that will have you singing, “Video Killed the Magazine Star.”  Rocking designs by Pringle’s of Scotland, Mel Bles captures Querelle Jansen looking all kinds of cool.  I’m up for something new this Spring, and this editorial has completely captured the spirit of that fashion-fantasy.  Seeking something beyond outfits & pieces, I’m wanting to experience a vibe that’s as much about a feeling as a reflection.   

Anja Rubik & Sasha Pivovarova by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris

Enjoy the seduction in the October Issue of Vogue Paris, as this stunning Fashion-Story takes you on a journey through the “Art of Fashion”, and take the concept of Provocateur to a whole new level.The genius team behind every pulse-pounding Fall “Fashion Add-Campaign” you’ve seen this Season, is at it again with this editorial starring the amazing Anja Rubik and Sasha Pivovarova. 

Castel Diaz’s Raw take on Fashion

Leave it to the uncompromising, incomprible to discover yet another amazing “Multi-Disciplinary” Artist that just makes you rethink the whole concept of Fashion Photography/Art.  Castel Diaz is s fashion-photographer and painter from Columbia. 

His work is so compelling I am completely drawn in and captured by the loss of innocence that is portrayed.  I am captivated by the idea that fashion/beauty, when set free from it’s burden of perfection, may set us down a path to discover the many twisted forms beauty and get us closer to our truth. 

Anja Rubik’s Spanish Vogue is “Muy Caliente”

When one of the best fashion photographers combines with one of the hottest models-of-the-moment there is only one possible outcome – Editorial Perfection.  Alexi Lubormirski’s March 2011 Cover of Spanish Vogue captured Anja Rubik in all her stunnning beauty.

While Lubormirski’s cover was an all-out celebration of fashion/glamour, it was his editorial spread that was a deliciously-debacharous nod to 70’s chic.  

Armani Prive Couture – Spring 2011

Paris Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2011

Paris Spring/Summer Fashion Week is in full swing with avant-garde collections from the best designers.