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Tomorrow In Sight My Eyes Do See the Coming of Light

Signe Veiteberg & Saskia Kane in The Phantom Lady “LA DONNA FANTASMA” by Robi Rodriguez for Holiday Magazine, S/S 2020. Art is unveiled. Our senses elevate. Truth transpires. A transformation takes shape. A metamorphosis is in order. This is an uprising of spirit. A celebration of self. Here we are versed in the many spectacles of change. This philosophy of the mind is perception personified. 

Aching 2C Better Part of Humanity, Love Heals Wounds

Beauty Borne on Sight Bred Into Light. We Ache to See the Coming of Avant-Garde Artistry as We Wake to See the Better Part of Humanity. Ruinan Dong covers THE Future in “Shimmer Shimmer” by Greg Kadel for Dansk Magazine Issue #43, S/S 2020. THE Future is Now. This is a Defining Moment. It’s a coming to light. High Art resists commonality by it’s willingness to exceed the rules. 

Let the Visual Drama Unfold as Fashion Art Takes Hold

Nick Knight puts forth ‘Maximum Volume‘ in this exquisite editorial for V Magazine #124, Spring 2020. Let the visual drama unfold as fashion art takes hold. The voluminous nature of this season’s haute couture is captured, with a blend of renaissance imagery and historic reference. Collectively captured yet utterly unique. Nature plays an important role, as we see the thread through come into view. 

Bella Brings Forth Fierce Fire of Female Form #LOVE23

Bella Hadid by Harley Weir for the Chaos + Control issue of Love Magazine, S/S 2020. She Is Fire… She Is Fair… She Is Born of Light and Aire. Bella lays flat on the seashore land as her breasts dig in deep on the surrounding sand. Lulled to sleep by waves so grand, she cradles her head in pillowed hands. The serenity of this scene is quickly interrupted by graphic stamps that cover her entire back. 

A Metamorphosis in Motion... A Change to Alter Course

Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Doutzen Kroes, Edita Vilkeviciute, Joan Smalls, Sui He & Shanelle Nyasiase step into a new era by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan, 03/2020. Coiffured art catapults us to a place of pure passion. Those with an eye for high fashion are asked to indulge their instincts, as this editorial starts this decade with a bang. Anna Dello Russo revitalizes the ‘roaring 20’s’ by embracing the thematic strength of this historic time period. 

Raising Her Face to Sky She Dreams of 'Freedom' to Fly

Janet Jumbo rises in ‘Eden’ by Txema Yeste for Número #210, February 2020. Art is a rebel born to fly of earthy gems that soar so high. Hope is heralded and FREEDOM is found, bound by the beauty of this earthly surround. We find ourselves lost in the spirit of fantasy as Yeste takes us on a journey of discovery. A visual experience unlike any other. This phenom of photography makes our experience feel authentic by embracing the elements unlike any other. 

Abby Stands High ~ Champion of Sky and Sustainability

Abby Champion and Adual Akol takes us through the desert divine asking that we expand our minds. Dynamic areas of abstract photography captured by Derek Henderson for Vogue Ukraine, January ’20. Each shot offers a unique take on the vastness of the view. Altered imagery creates a spectacle while adhering to the subtly of the space. There’s a clear distinction between what’s real and what’s artistically altered. 

Vogue Italia ~ Takes a Strong Step Toward Sustainability

Emanuele Farneti invites us to consider our place in the world. He uses his magazine as a compass for change. Cover pages, usually dedicated to many designers and their fine fashion wares, is this month filled with original works by artists replacing photographs with illustrations. This is awe-inspiring because it’s different. I see this as an Industry Exercise. Designed to stimulate the mind. 

Maggie Maurer is Magic in Motion Picture Medium 'Film'

Maggie Maurer explores the magic of moving pictures in ‘Film’ captured by Arcin Sagdic for Numéro Berlin #7. There’s an element of freedom found in the motion picture medium. This rich, story-telling process is filled with filmic discovery, giving rise to the relevancy of moving pictures. Multi-dimensional sourcing allows cameras to capture poetry in motion. Here, we’re exposed to the theory of discovery. 

'Red Room: Special Gucci' An Ode to Art of Film History

Sophie Koella & Leonce Goutet don Gucci Cruise 2020 in ‘Red Room: Special Gucci‘ by Frank Perrin for Crash Magazine, December 2019. Paris Experimentation is Out. A magazine dedicated to dynamic artistry that stands the test of time. “Where domination ceases to be a means of exchange…” Artisans explore abstract direction through the avenues of instinctual experimentation. 

Alesya Plays Back to Blade Runner Future, Vogue China

Alesya Kaf steps into the light in “Hello Future” by Pedro Beraldo for Vogue China, December 2019. Art consumes us as we make our way into the great unknown. This story settles in that sweet spot. Daniel Rull steps into a strong space, as she attempts to handle the styling, makeup and hair in one fell swoop. Somewhat uncommon to see one person taking on all three of these powerful positions. That is exciting. 

Humanity Can't Hide Light & Dark Poetically Collide HB Kazakhstan

Frances Coombe in ‘Owner of Darkness’ shot by Yuji Watanabe for Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan, December 2019. Humanity can’t hide as the arc of light & dark Poetically collide. Life is a constant battle between the elements of existence. Light and dark are merely forces that exist because the other is present. We must understand that one can’t be without the other’s reality.