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'the circle, the triangle + the square'

Deila Deidei shows us the shape of things to come in ‘the circle, the triangle + the square‘ by MASA for Schön Magazine, June 2020. There’s a haunting quality to this amazing imagery. The hair is a square, finger-rolls do bare a triangulated shape is there… as madness mixes with mayhem to complete a series of coiffured masterpieces. When we look carefully we get coiffure that presents in the form of chaos. 

Golden Glow Flows Down Long Neck

Happy New Year 2020!!!

Panna Muhi lights up the sky in ‘Lady Stardust’ by David Ajkai for Vogue Czechoslovakia, December ’19. Silver does sprinkle across my mind a dizzying spectacle of thoughts divine… a new year comes in record time… shining down the holiday line. This is an intimate portrayal of poetic thunder crashing into pretty. Panna’s skin is covered in sparkles but her facial expression is one of somberness. 

Floating Free We See Her Eyes Erupt

He Cong allows her face to float into another dimension in ‘Guru Issue‘ by Pierre Debusschere for Exhibition Magazine, October 2019. Ever moved by Debusschere’s landscape of welcomed lunacy, I find myself once again drawn into his exquisite world. Multi-dimensional forms take shape as this story celebrates the music of the face. Layered imagery invites a sense of enticement. Suspended disbelief offers details that project each picture as unique. 

Jazzelle Was Born Free 2 Be a Unicorn

Art is a reflection of our human condition. It’s a sensory mechanism whereby the overload of certain emotions can cause a physical outbreak. This should not be confused with a breakdown. Thereby we should understand that this carry’s no kind of negative connotation. It is merely an indication of the internal position of norm transferring to the external position of abstract. An exodus of interest, in my opinion.  

The Marvelous Makeup of Marla Belt

Kiko Arai evokes a sense of synergistic energy with the past and future, as captured by Bryan Huynh for Beauty Papers. Dedicated to Japanese Illustrator, Pater Sato. Each face feeds our creative hunger, as it reads like a work of modern art. Art is subjective. A reflection of the human that you are and the one you would like to become. This tantalizing tale takes us into the Marvelous Makeup of Marla Belt

Exploring the Art of Body Painting in 'Kunst Am Körper'

Pierre Debusschere captures the Art of Beauty in ‘Kunst Am Körper’ in Vogue Germany, June 2019. Body art beckons us to become one with our creative surroundings. Completely painted faces provide a costumed effect, allowing the mind to meander in the field of fantasy. Through the art of unknowing we find out who we are. Linear angles drive abstract inclinations, inspiring us to explore new ideas. 

Fall Into Art of Avant-Garde Makuep

Edie Campbell, Jana Julius, Birgit Kos, Mayowa NicholasRebecca Leigh Longendyke & Samile Bermannelli travel deep into the psyche of the mind, in ‘A Fleur De Peau’ by David Sims for Vogue Paris, April 2019. Each image is a reflection of nature’s excess. No rhyme nor reason, this editorial exposes the impulse to explode. Don’t confuse opposing energy fields, you’ll merely be assimilating opposites. 

Beauty is Ablaze in Precious Metals

Maisie Jane & Jade Hudson are works of live art by Rankin for Hunger Magazine, Issue 15. Beauty breaks through as we watch the tattered walls of injustice fall off the face like pieces of tin foil. Art is the great equalizer. It allows us to vent our most intense of feelings, transforming mental anguish into the visual experience. Here I see the fight for female rights creatively captured across the sanguine skin of sanctity. 

Summers Sees the Art of Abstraction

Fran Summers finds herself falling further into the Frey in “The Surreal Life” by Craig McDean for Interview Magazine, April/May 2018. Art is the evolution of being. Executing the animus we aim to take flight as the notion of artistry reaches out of sight. devouring the decadence… turning day into night… having an appetite for destruction we dine on the light. Karl Templer elevates this story as he takes us right to the fashion edge. 

Rediscover Craze of 90's Retro Daze

Rankin and Andrew Gallimore combine avant-garde artistry with 90’s neo-pop in “Saved by the Bell” for Hunger Magazine. This captures the chaos of color that defined those times. It’s a dramatic blend of bold that brings us back to the day. However, like with any trip down memory lane, we tend to take a few liberties in the recall department. Enshrining that, or any, era simply demands it. 

Capture Wild Ways of the Chameleon

Madison Headrick captures the ways of a chameleon in “La Nueva Ola Del Color” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain, 04/18. The face becomes a palate as the skin becomes a stage. Like colors culminating in a chasm of creativity, so is the Art of the Face. It’s pictorial pandemonium. Beauty blasts against the borders, as cosmetic creations work in symbiotic surround. There’s a balance that exists between art and the imagination. 

A Wild Bird Beckons 2-B Flying High Flying Free

I dispel the anarchy of archaic notions that speak to me as if I am not here… as if I am not there… as if I am merely what I wear. Depth is met by my ability to hold my tongue. A single notion that I doth to share as I bring forth my soul to bare. To speak not when spoken to but when inspired to truly care ~ I am a soldier of silence, a fighter for fair. Art waits for no woman as it slowly works to transform itself.