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Icon in the Making, Adele, Is Vogue’s Newest Cover-Girl

Having quite seamlessly moved into the coveted spot of “One-Moniker” artists like Madonna, Cher, Elvis, Rihanna ect., “Adele,” has fast become the hottest single-named singer in the world.  Having recently swept the Grammy’s, and proved to the world that she’s not only in perfect voice – but also perfect “face,” it comes as no surprise that this super-star would pose for the one/only Vogue Cover.   

Kate Moss Explores the Art of Religion “Good Kate/Bad Kate”

Completely devoid of any blasphemous attitude, Kate Moss carries this layout on the pure strength of her unique beauty, and her endless ability to use her body as a vessel of representation (a deeply interesting/ironic twist when considering the topic at hand).  I’ve long said it, Kate Moss is a “Fashion Goddess,” so it comes as no surprise that her ability to explore the avant-garde side of “Religion as Fashion Art,” would be a stunning success.   

Shailene Woodley’s Cover/Layout for V Magazine


Shailene Woodley is bathed in blue for her cover of Vs. Magazine, shot by Drew Barrymore, and is just bathing (or rather showering) for one of her shots in the accompanying layout.  Going for some edge, the young ingenue, from the recent film “Descendents,” doesn’t seem to be interested in girl-next-door labels.  Check-out all 6 Covers Below.


For the 2012 Spring/Summer Vs. 

Kate Moss – A Wild-Colt Should Never be Tamed Liu Jo Jeans

As a “Kate Moss” devotee, I’ll take my girl any way I can get her, but I want Hard-Core Kate.  An all-out, fall to your knees, raise you hands to the sky, outta’ this world – “Moss-Moment” – I need a fix. This isn’t some run-of-the-mill “Super-Model” we’re talking about, this is an Icon. And those of us who count ourselves as true “Moss-Heads” view her images as works of Fashion Art. 

Peter Lindbergh Resurrects the Lost Art of “Uma” Vogue Italia

Continuing to explore the “Darker side of Spring,” Uma Thurman is given the “Peter Lindbergh” treatment – with this raw/edgy layout from the current issue of Vogue Italia.  Attempting to resurrect her status as relevant & cool, this “beautiful girl” has gotten lost in the last few years, somewhere between overexposed & under-developed.  In her early career, she had “street-cred” to spare, with a cult-following obsessed with her many “Lolitaesque” character’s she played in period films.   

Alexa Chung is the New Creative Director for SuperGa

Add her new job as Creative-Director/Face-of Italian footwear brand, SuperGa, to long list of commercial gigs that’s making this UK import one hot fashion commodity.  This girl has been steadily increasing her visibility in the Mainstream” section of the fashion industry, which has led to her recent explosion in the world of “Pop-Culture” proper.  We’re seeing her everywhere from reality television, to Spring’s coveted Fashion Covers and Add Campaigns.   

Chloe Sevigny Scored New Campaign for Tomboy

Proving my recent predictions to be deadly-accurate, Chloe Sevigny is following the “fashion-forward” path of 2012, just as I’d laid-out.  I knew she would pick up just where she left off (before her unfortunate side-trip to the “compound”), seizing every opportunity to explore new fashion movements and take new style-risks.  She a style-soldier and we need her in our army.   

Lindsey Wixson Covers Spring 2012 With Adds Like Mulberry

Let’s just say it, it’s the Season of the Wixson.  If there was a “poster-girl” for the Spring/Summer 2012 Season it would be this model extraordinaire – Lindsey Wixson.  The star of many Spring 2012 runway shows, numerous campaigns (like this Mulberry add along-side fellow model Frida Gustavsson), and endless magazine editorials – this girl is everywhere.   

Amanda Seyfried Shines in Beauty Issue of WKorea

The Gorgeous Amanda Seyfried does what she does best radiates pure beauty and style in the new issue of WKorea, shot by David Slijper.  The young actress may not be the most fashion-forward on the “Hollywood-Block”, but she has something that is a rare commodity in this industry, consistency.  Her flawless skin and long flowing hair makes her not only the perfect leading lady, but also a “lady in waiting”, for the perfect Beauty-Campaign.   

Chloe Sevigny “Transforms” in Current Issue of Interview

The righteous power of one woman’s raw energy can be a force transcendent when that woman is Chloe Sevigny. As I so prophetically predicted recently, we would be witness to the “rebirth” of this fashion star as she rediscovered her roots as a style-innovator and cult-presence in the world of film/fashion.  She exists as an elite avant-garde force in the Art of Fashion.  When it comes to the potency of Chloe Sevigny’s “Street-Cred” she should always remember, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”  She belongs to a small group of style-icons (think Kate Moss & Sienna Miller), so influential in their inherent ability to bend trends and insight massive groups of people to follow their style, it’s almost a crime when they abandon their duties.   

Michelle Williams “Covers” Marilyn Monroe for GQ Magazine

Well it goes without saying that this recent Golden-Globe winning actress looks absolutely stunning on the Cover of  GQ Magazine’s February Issue.  However, I find myself less than enchanted by this (second-time-’round) take on the legendary icon.  Having already “Covered” that for her Vogue pictorial with Annie Liebovitz last year, I’d say there’s a hint of desperate and sad by giving us a premature encore.   

Bryan Adams Shoots Daphne Guiness as “David Bowie” for Vogue Germany

With another awe-inspiring impersonation of “Glam-Rock” Icon David Bowie, Socialite/Fashion-Queen – Daphne Guiness – puts her own unique twist on the 70’s Cult-Hero.  With the help of another music-legend, Bryan Adams “played” fashion-photographer, for the Vogue Germany layout.  Forget “covering” songs, the trendiest  fashion/music cross-over thing happening right now is, Icons-doing-Icons.