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Bold Hair for the Big House Mugshots by Miles Aldridge

Anais Pouliot, Kelsey Van Mook, & Melissa Tammerijn are arresting in ‘Color? Yes, Please’ by Miles Aldridge for the November 2013 issue of Vogue Italia. The King of avant-garde kitch is back with multi-colored “Mugshot” style images inspired by celebrity booking photos taken at police stations. Big hair perfect for the big house. Using the art of asymmetry (Hairstylist) Ed Moelands captures our attention with delightfully off-kilter dews exploding with a kind of party meets punk attitude. 

Cate Blanchett Channels Cult Cabaret Dancer Anita Berber

Inspired by the 20’s cult cabaret dancer Anita Berber (below), Cate Blanchett embodies New Wave Berlin in coverstory by Willy Vanderperre for AnOther Magazine AW 2013. An openly androgynous dancer known for her erotic performances and erratic behavior, Berber’s notorious ways were only outweighed by her love of the theater and power to perform. Capturing that same sense of creative abandon, Vanderperre celebrates the spirit of the Weimar Era, with a stunning selection of shots done in the Neo-Burlesque/Dark Cabaret Style. 

Lady Gaga Shows Us a Softer Side in Elle Magazine

Lady Gaga finds her way home in this dreamy editorial by Ruth Hogben for the October 2013 issue of Elle US. Through the foggy mist of possibility beauty finds itself waiting on the doorstep of hope. A stunning work of self-discovery, this poetic piece of fashion photography breaks down the walls of invincibility giving us a side of Gaga we haven’t yet seen. Soft yet daringly vulnerable, this edgy editorial is anything but ethereal, rather, it’s an ardently evocative look beyond her carefully crafted shell of self creation. 

'Take a Walk on the Wild Side' in Garage Magazine

Tati Cotliar and Jamie Finch ‘Take a Walk on the Wild Side’ in Michael Baumgarten’s eye-popping editorial, inspired by Lou Reed’s classic song of the same name, for Garage Magazine. While we have deviated slightly from last season’s pervasive Pop Art influence we are still seeing it’s graphic signature show up on some of Fall’s bold new designs. And to that end, Garage has invited 10 top designers to create clothing/accessories that pay tribute to the Pop scene of the 70′s. 

Lindsey Wixson in 'You Make Me Feel Hyper Real'

Carefree and conceptual Lindsey Wixson straddles two worlds in ‘You Make Me Feel Hyper Real’ by Pierre Debusschere for Dazed & Confused, October 2013. Taking us on a mind trip, Debusschere projects his exotic imagination on the page in this psychedelic series that feels like a dream inside a dream. Swimming in a sea of surrealism, he creates an altered-state of consciousness, by using mind-bending visuals to give the illusion of time suspension. 

Kate Moss is a Burlesque Beauty in 'Scarlet Woman'

Playing the painted lady Kate Moss is ravenous in red in ‘Scarlet Woman’ by Javier Vallhonrat for Vogue UK, October 2013. Channeling Gypsy Rose Lee, Moss delights as a dark-haired dream in this vintage inspired showgirl series that takes us back to the decadent days of Burlesque. Reviving retro-glam, Lucinda Chambers designs an opulent scene straight off of a 1930’s film set, with a stunning mix of show-stopping styles including a gold-encrusted, silk corset. 

Sasha Pivovarova Fronts 70's Glam-Punk Rock Band

Looking like the second coming of Patti Smith, Sasha Pivovarova delivers a standout performance for Vogue Russia’s captivating coverstory by Mert & Marcus for their 15th anniversary issue. Channeling the glam-punk scene of the 70’s, this edgy editorial amps up the authenticity with live action shots that look like they were taken straight off the stage at a CBGB’s show. 

The Great Kate Strikes Again in 'The Face' for Allure

The Art of being an Icon. Kate Moss is ‘The Face’ of a generation and beyond in this compelling cover-story by Mario Testino for Allure Magazine. In an effort to capture the enigmatic beauty of the Great Kate, a mix of creative masters have come together in a collaboration befitting a high fashion queen. As much a mystery today as ever, what makes this amazing creature still so fascinating is her never-ending ability to keep us guessing. 

Nadja Bender Turns Style Froth into 'The Real Thing'

Nadja Bender is ‘The Real Thing’ in Horst Diekgerdes edgy editorial for the Summer 2013 issue of Muse Magazine #34. Exploding on the page in a series of retro-eclectic styles so spectacular you can feel the heat radiating through her, Bender delivers the definitive Summer story with sexiness to spare. As a self-described artistic snob, I find myself passing on a number of bouncy, beach scenes this time of year because they often feel like they don’t live up to my high standards. 

Coco Rocha Stars in Rankin's Stylish Video 'I Wanna'

Coco Rocha combines talents with master artist/innovator, Rankin, for what could be considered one of the season’s preeminent works of expressionist art. Fashion & film collide with the original production of, ‘I Wanna,’ for the #4 issue of Hunger Magazine. Always breaking barriers, Rankin’s pension for moving forward has been the impetus for his many passionate endeavors. 

Ali Whitfield High Fashion Animation Doll 'China Girl'

Ali Whitfield plays a blond-haired, blue-eyed ‘China Girl’ in Max Salvaggio’s cutting-edge editorial for the April 2013 issue of Grazia Netherlands. Cast in a blue light, Salvaggio creates a vision of high-fashion animation, complete with a cool, graphic glow. Borrowing from the vibrant brand of China’s futuristic fashion scene, Whitfield fits into the neon city streets with striking aplomb. 

Chloe Sevigny in 'Falling for Chloe' by Danko Steiner

Chloe Sevigny plays an avant-garde aficionado in ‘Falling for Chloe’ by Danko Steiner for the April 2013 issue of Dazed & Confused. Fighting the plight of passion when inspiration dies, Chloe portrays a Muse who’s lost her meaning, in Steiner’s powerful piece of editorial artistry. Capturing the raw intensity of restrained rebellion, this hypnotic performance plays out in masterful moments of tortured beauty.