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Capture Purple's Prose of Visual Poetry

Guinevere van Seenus breaks hold of the open sea by Theo Wenner for Purple Fashion, F/W 2015. The prose of visual poetry found in the commanding click of the camera. Art speaks its own language in this exquisite story set to sail. A tribute to the tyranny of ticking time. The body breaks open broadly as the heart follows suit. Stylist, Robbie Spencer, melds modern fashions as black manifests itself in the foretelling of truth. 

My Soul Takes to Sky on Raven's Wing

Julia Hetta rides high on a raven’s wing in ‘Different Days,’ covered by Dazed and Confused for her show at The Shoot Gallery, May 13 – June 21. Exquisite beauty brought in a daze of un-answered dreams, as the romance pours through the page we find ourselves staring at the truth. The power of poetry laid out in pictures, Hetta reminds us that sheer simplicity can be the most enticing thing we can offer. 

The Art of Beauty Begins on the Beachfront of the Mind

Beauty begins on the beachfront of the mind. Daria Pleggenkuhle is an artful extension of poetic reflection in Phillip Dixon’s sublime series shot for the 2013 June/July issue of Numéro China. High fashion seeking higher ground, today’s greatest photographers are able to transport us to a place of transcendent tranquility. A place where thoughts are free to wonder without the brutal scrutiny of reality, and where creativity flows like water with ideas formed in the blink of an eye. 

Antonina Vasylchenko Shines in 'Good Housekeeping'

Antonina Vasylchenko challenges traditional female roles in ‘Good Housekeeping’ by Yelena Yemchuk for Dazed & Confused, February 2013.  Turning convention on it’s head, Karen Langley’s brilliant styling mixes retro-inspired garb with an avant-garde edge, for a biting commentary on the antiquated notion of what it means to be a ‘Good Housewife.’  Surrounded by vintage designs, the 60’s style decor adds an element of reality to this controversial topic.   


Cara Delevingne Fights for Her Rights 'Heavenly Creature'

Cara Delevingne is a divine inspiration in ‘Heavenly Creature’ by Mikael Jansson for the February 2013 issue of W Magazine.  Jumping into the fashion fray, Jansson dares to take on the much politicized issue of Women’s Reproductive Rights, in this stunning editorial dedicated to female empowerment.  Using the artistic tools at his disposal he lays out a compelling message depicting the inherent injustice of this long-standing battle.   


Patricia van der Vliet in 'Army of Me' Exit Magazine

Patricia van der Vliet fights the enemy within in ‘Army of Me’ by Aitken Jolly for the Winter 2012/13 issue of Exit Magazine.  Using symbolic military imagery Jolly dares to explore the greater theme of ‘Camouflage’ in this evocative editorial.  Masked in a variety of face paint and army fatigues, Patricia’s piercing portrayal of an embattled warrior gives us a glimpse inside the heart of a fighter. 


'And the Earth Died Screaming While I Lay Dreaming'

And the Earth Died Screaming While I Lay Dreaming.  Hugh Lippe’s inspired vision of modern androgyny takes a turn for the artistic in the Winter Issue of Exit Magazine.  Kasia Struss plays the handsome heroine in this revival of authentic androgyny.  A trend that has always been subject to the watered-down commercialism of the pop-culture machine, this powerful interpretation allows for the appropriate level of intensity, without fear of stigma or judgment.   


Daria Strokous Stuns in Bridal Bondage 'Bleached'

Hugh Lippe offers an inspired vision of bridal bondage in ‘Bleached’ for the Winter 2012 issue of Fat Magazine.  Daria Strokous plays the non-virginal bride in this highly conceptual piece, that dares to explore the hypocrisy of modern marriage. Visually arresting and mentally stimulating, this avant-garde editorial looks beyond the fairy-tale to the darkness that lies beneath the bleached facade.   


Passion & Protest Centerfold's 'Take Manhattan' Guy Aroch

It’s a fashion-coup as Cara Delevingne & Paolo Anchisi ‘Take Manhattan’ in the December issue of Centerfold Magazine.  Guy Aroch captures the idealistic couple as they set out to effect change on the lonely streets of New York City.  Inspired by the cult spirit of underground activism, this artistic editorial reflects youth in the era of the ‘Occupy Movement.’  Guy goes Guerrilla with candid style imagery, made to look like documentary footage taken at real events.   

Edita Vilkeviciute is a New Lady of the 80's 'Stardust'

Edita Vilkeviciute plays a new lady of the 80’s in, ‘Stardust,’ for the December 2012/January 2013 issue of Numéro #139.  Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones take on one of the great female archetypes, ‘The Power Bitch,’ in this stunning tribute to the decade of dazzling. Stepping beyond the typical vintage inspired theme, this layout is a fusion of the past and future I’m calling, Retro-Modern.   

Together We'll Break the Chains that Bind 'Dead End'

Using Alexander Wang’s daring fashion as a tool for exploration, Patrik Sehlstedt has elevated the conversation on female empowerment in Dead End, for the Fall issue of Intermission Magazine. Breaking free from the overtly sexual themes used in many of this season’s noir-style editorials, we look at the concept of bondage where it really hurts – outside of the bedroom.  Playing a lonely freedom fighter, Kolfinna Kristófersdóttir struggles to have a voice in a society that still longs to keep her silent.   

Echoes of Aging Opulence 'On the Edge of Apparition'

‘On the Edge of Apparition’ Rose Botman stands regal as all falls around her in the November issue of Elele Magazine.  Koray Parlak captures the echoes of aging opulence in the crumbling castle that hope forgot.  Waiting in the twisted ruins of dilapidated decadence, our tragic beauty holds vigil, under the watchful eye of the Sad-Clown.  Tortured by time, the once stunning surroundings have surrendered, leaving only the faint remnants of shattered dreams.