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Eniko Mihalik in 'Skin Bondage' Robbie Fimmano Flair Italy

Eniko Mihalik is powerfully provocative in her debut performance for the October 2012 premier issue of Flair Magazine. Taking the high-fashion road, Robbie Fimmano uses pop-culture’s current fascination with erotica as inspiration for, ‘Skin Bondage.’ Showcasing this season’s bold, beauty trends, exotic black-cherry lips pop against perfectly porcelain skin and soft metallic eyes. 

Querelle Jansen Escapes Small Town Life in 'Lonesome Girl'

Querelle Jansen soars as a small town girl with big city dreams in, ‘Lonesome Girl,’ for the November issue of Numéro #138.  Capturing the subtle agony of the truly misplaced, Sophia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello tell the story of beauty seeking higher ground.  Relegated to a life of repressed misery, the haunting echos of hollow footsteps ring out in an aimless pursuit of love and acceptance.   

Hanne Gaby Odiele Goes Digital in ‘Earth –>Hanne’ for Oyster Magazine

Hanne Gaby Odiele becomes a piece of interpretive art in, ‘Earth –>Hanne,’ for the current cover/editorial of Oyster Magazine #101.  Entering the online world never to return, Will Davidson creates the ultimate fusion of real & digital, in this artistic ode to the terrors of the tech era.  An eerie take on this ‘too close to home’ theme, Odiele represents a new hybrid of human and electronic.   

Anni Jurgenson Shocks in 'Bubble Wrap Princess'

Art is meant to disturb.  And in the spirit of non-conformity, Greta Ilieva pushes back against the stereotype of beauty in, ‘Bubble Wrap Princess,’ for the October issue of Please Magazine.  Anni Jurgenson models a cornucopia of Fall’s quirkiest attire, complete with trash-bag accessories and a dramatic, prosthetic head-growth.  Pulling us out of our fashion coma, we are forced to go to extremes and experience an authentic reaction, free from the inoculation of popular culture.   

Youth Speaks out in ‘Boom or a Dangerous Game’ by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Russia

Patrick Demarchelier is a voice for today’s disenfranchised youth in, ‘Boom or a Dangerous Game,’ in the October issue of Vogue Russia.  Capturing the pent up passion of a lost generation, these images reflect a trend I’m calling, The New Power Punk Movement.  More than a popular fashion look, these pictures offer a window into young people’s struggle for identity.   

‘Face the Future’ a Harsh Look Ahead by Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia

What determines beauty?  Steven Meisel goes looking for the answers in the September 2012 issue of Vogue Italia.  Carolyn Murphy keeps things real, as the world around her turns to plastic in the disturbing editorial, ‘Face the Future.’ Images that only a decade ago would have seemed distorted and horror-like, now appear commonplace.  A sad commentary on our desensitization to the madness,  Meisel delves into the dark world of plastic surgery, and exposes societies’ ever-growing addiction to this new ‘abnormal.’  Generations of women are altering their looks in a vain attempt to augment & enhance themselves out of the aging process. 

Sunni in ‘Black Widow’ by Dima Hohlov for Chinese Modern Weekly

Model, Sunni, depicts the dark, enigmatic beauty of the ‘Black Widow,’ by Dima Hohlov for the September 2012 issue of Chinese publication Modern Weekly. Trained in the art of manipulation, this skilled seductress is known for her hypnotic allure and ruthless drive for satisfaction.  However, my vision of the modern female archetype, ‘Femme-Fatale,’ is a kind of benevolent anti-hero – forced to right the wrongs inflicted on today’s woman.   

‘Hold hands, be free, find the real you’ i-D Pre-Fall Amy Troost

Continuing to explore the concept of youthful, Amy Troost gets up close & personal in ‘Hold hands, be free, find the real you,’ for The Just Kids Issue of i-D Magazine.  Showing some of this season’s hottest fashions, through the unfiltered eye of youth, we see designs by Meadham Kirchoff, Marc Jacobs, Junya Watanabe, Prada & more in a whole new light.  Presented with energetic vision, the same styles we’ve seen over/over again are infused with new possibilities.   

How to View the Ceremony of Dressing ‘Isiga Dogru’ Vogue Turkey

Karlina Caune plays the sartorial high-priestess in, ‘Isiga Dogru,’ for the August issue of Vogue Turkey.  Jem Mitchell mixes the stoic elegance of her photography with the ethereal nature of modern water-colors, for a layout that inspires us to consider the ‘ceremony’ of dressing.  Finding ways to incorporate this season’s exciting new trends, we see that with a little imagination, each look is transformed into elements of the artistic vision.   

Tosca Dekker Basks in the Nocturnal Sunshine for ‘Lace Romance’

Basking in the nocturnal sunshine, Tosca Dekker explores the power of opposites in ‘Lace Romance’ by Tina Luther for the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong.  Finding the balance of equals, we are reminded of the duality that exists within us.  Each body housing the dark/light, male/female, cruel/kind, hard/soft – and so it goes.  An infinite force of attraction and repulsion, bound together in chemical dependency.   

Fall into a Fashion ‘Fantaisie’ with Anne Vyalitsyna for Numéro #135

Like an angel rising, Anne Vyalitsyna is an ethereal vision, for the August issue of Numéro #135.  Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones capture poetry in motion in, “Fantaisie,” a stunning layout that defines the true art of design.  In the presence of perfection, we escape our earthly confines and fall into a fashion fantasy. Destined for glory, we watch as this divine creature takes flight, swathed in a sheer glow of Fall’s heavingly fabrics.   

Deconstructing Beauty in ‘Matières à Sensations’ by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris

In this avant-garde deconstruction of Fall’s beauty trends, we look at the craze for cosmetics, and the underlying elements of our beauty obsession.  Dying to be seen, Isabeli Fontana takes her love for makeup to it’s insane ends, in Mario Sorrenti’s ‘Matières à Sensations,’ for the August issue of Vogue Paris. When taken out of control, we see that all the things that occupy our fancy, can become the vehicles of our destruction.