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Canvas of Color Cast Over the Face

Larissa Hofmann celebrates the resplendence of light in “Potpourri Fur Alle Sinne” by Marcus Ohlsson for Harper’s Bazaar Germany, June/July 2016. The face takes the place of a canvas as color is cast over the page. Each image ejects a sense of surrealism, while it wanders onto the optical edge. The mutiny of makeup begins, as Fredrik Stambro invites us to experience the fusion of fe…

Melissa Tammerijn Faces Off in Eclectic Beauty Story for TUSH

Melissa Tammerijn goes face first by Benjamin Vnuk for TUSH Magazine, Spring/Summer ’14. An exquisite mix of modern beauty, this captures the features of forever, on the pathway to wonderland. Each shot tells a unique story with the link being that of pure love. With a mix of gold leaf paper artfully placed on the head to metallic silver drawn in a perfect triangle. Stylist, Marcell

Narcisse Magazine

Carola Remer comes alive in a series of open shots by Benjamin Vnuk for Narcisse Magazine #1, Fall/Winter 2013-14. Makeup Artist, Fredrik Stambro, uses the planes of the face as a source of temporary asylum from the duties of higher beauty. A stunning array of freckles bloom in poetic harmony, as the manipulated surfaces strike a cord of artful invention. With jet-black liner marked ac…