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Amber's Excessive Abstractness Infiltrates the Atmosphere in Zoo

Amber Witcomb reminds us the world can change in ‘This One Blink’ by Nagi Sakai for Zoo Magazine No. 64. The third eye chakra, known to be in the center of the forehead, is artfully placed on the upper-cheek aside her right eye. This is a symbolic sign of how we see things not positioned in a straight line but portrayed in a curved view. Here we celebrate the excess of the abstract. B…

Artful Anarchy Exposed "No Chains Will Ever Hold That"

Camilla De Terre explores life’s inner oddities in “No Chains Will Ever Hold That,” by Nagi Sakai for Zoo Magazine No. 58. The connotation of couture makes this editorial a curious thing. Ye Young Kim brings forth an array of avant-garde fashions, that say so much through the use of unique foundations. Abstract coordination is the innovative advancement of the collect…

Bella Hadid in 'Hit!' by Alexei Hay for Jalouse Magazine

Bella Hadid plays the Barbie Star 2015 in this runaway ‘Hit!’ by Alexei Hay for Jalouse. A doll is just a doll, but a perfectly coiffed creation beats them all. Playing every girls dream, Hadid becomes Barbie, as this fashion fantasy unfolds. Stylist, Jennifer Eymere, brings the artistry of “plastic” play to life with gorgeous garb by Adidas by Stella McCartney, Ag

Coco Rocha Takes Us On a 'Pop Odyssey' by Chuando & Frey for L'Officiel Singapore

Coco Rocha takes us on a ‘Pop Odyssey’ by Chuando & Frey for L’Officiel Singapore, September 2014. To train yourself in the art of modeling is a feat of finesse that trumps the muted mediocrity of our culture. Coco has elevated the ilk of the entire industry, with her immeasurable additions to the artistry of movement. Decadence defined, (Stylist) Jumius Wong & Ja

Numéro Russia

Zuzanna Bijoch casts a spell in ‘So Chic’ a creative cover-story by Kai Z Feng for Numéro Russia. The bewitching hour is upon us with a stunning array of passion and play. Stylist Brylie Fowler captures our imagination with cool clothes that range from bold black/white to captivating color. Modern consumerism erupts with funky fashions that include Alexander McQueen, Balenc

Lily McMenamy is 'Born to Be a Star' by Alexei Hay

Lily McMenamy is ‘Born to Be a Star’ by Alexei Hay for Jalouse Magazine, July/August 2014. Palpitating with the purity of youth, Lily captures our imagination with a stunning set of over the top shots done with famous dermatologist, Dr. Colbert. Stylist, Jennifer Eymère, takes us on a day-trip to another dimension, using a daring mix of medical equipment & decadent desi…