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Stella Lucia Stuns Us Senseless "Good Girl Gone Bad" in Dazed

Stella Lucia stuns us senseless in “Good Girl Gone Bad” by Bettina Rheims for Dazed Digital, SS17. Artful images dominate this page as Stella emerges in a riotous rage. Her passionate overtones are obvious, however, it’s the subtle makings of sadness that keep me engaged. Here we have a woman on the edge. Teetering towards a tenuous truth, one where what we believe is not ma…

Anja Rubik 'The Last Dance' Matthew Brookes, L'Express Styles

Anja Rubik believes that art flies or dreams die in ‘The Last Dance’ by Matthew Brookes for L’Express Styles, 3rd September 2014. Movement erupts in this dynamic combination of drama and dance. The sirens of silhouette honor the shape of the body by expressing depth of style. Mika Mizutani, interprets feelings through fashion with looks from; American Vintage