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Ola Rudnicka Plays the Part to Perfection in 'Magic Star'

Ola Rudnicka plays the part in ‘Magic Star’ by Boe Marion for Vogue Netherlands April 2014. Exquisite beauty comes to bare with a mix of bunny ears and an eye-spiked cover. Ola gets her ears on, with high flying looks that include the illusion of wonder. Now you see it now you don’t, with a series of styles that range from haute couture to happy go lucky. Stylist, Marije Goe

Magdalena Frackowiak Finds Her Way 'Woodcutters'

Magdalena Frackowiak can’t see the forest for the (high fashion) trees in ‘Woodcutters’ by Kacper Kasprzyk for Purple Fashion Fall 2013. Never knowing where a piece will take me, as I come across certain works I am drawn into their power and my passion is ignited. Showing signs of over-exposure, Kasprzyk captures the frenetic effects of a society that thrives on stimul…