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Meghan Collison Captures Our Imagination in i-D

Meghan Collison shows us that, ‘It’s Never too Late to Prove Your Mother Wrong,’ by Colin Dodgson for i-D Magazine, Spring 2014. Redefining the idea of modern beauty, Collison gets eclectic, with a new look at the future of fashion. Set-out to redefine the concept of the power paradigm, these in-your-face shots shows us how it’s done. Stylist, Caroline Newell

Alex Franco Creates Artful Act of Open Expression

Ashleigh Good & Sylvester Henriksen play two sides of the same person in ‘It Was Perfect Once’ by Alex Franco for Russh Magazine. A daring depiction of modern duality this free-spirited series explores the idea of open-identity with imagery that fuses the masculine & feminine in an entirely integrated way. An artful act of open expression, (Fashion Editor) Gillian Wi…