Posts featuring model Athena Wilson

French Revue de Modes

Beauty speaks for itself in ‘In Solence’ a captivating combination of 13 cover-shots captured by Thierry Le Gouès for the F/W 2013.14 issue of French Revue de Modes. Bathed in a pink and blue glow a new breed of up-n-coming models blow up the bi-annual glossy by giving us a peak at the future faces of fashion. With looks that range from androgynous to exotic (stylist) Marc

Anti-Static Style 'Happening' At High Fashion Speed

It’s all ‘Happening’ in Txema Yeste’s enticing editorial for the 2013 Summer issue of 10 Magazine. Anti-static style is the name of the game in this fabulously, frenetic editorial that is sure to satisfy your insatiable need for high fashion speed. From the black/white studio chic, to the exotic urban feel of the sexy street scenes, this fast paced filmic style is a…


Daniel Jackson Starts a 'Mod Revolution' Vogue China

Join the Mod Squad and be a part of a true trend transformation, in ‘Mod Revolution’ by Daniel Jackson for the February issue of Vogue China. Models Kel Markey, Agnés Nabuurs, Bo Don, Athena Wilson & Chiharu Okunugi combine forces to reinvent the 60’s.  Embracing the symmetry of structure, Modern Mod is all about building on the architecture of the original shap…