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Daniel Jackson Starts a 'Mod Revolution' Vogue China

Join the Mod Squad and be a part of a true trend transformation, in ‘Mod Revolution’ by Daniel Jackson for the February issue of Vogue China. Models Kel Markey, Agnés Nabuurs, Bo Don, Athena Wilson & Chiharu Okunugi combine forces to reinvent the 60’s.  Embracing the symmetry of structure, Modern Mod is all about building on the architecture of the original shap…


Embrace The Totally Tubular 80's 'Girls in the Band'

Embrace the exuberance of the 80’s with Sharif Hamza’s totally tubular editorial ‘Girls in the Band’ for the February issue of Vogue Japan.  Inspired by the glossy girl groups that dominated the 80’s music scene, this high-octane layout channels the retro fabulous styles of such seminal groups as Bananarama, The Bangles & The Go-Go’s.  Bo…