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Kinga Rajzak by Dima Hohlov for Interview Russia, December 2014

Kinga Rajzak descends into a state of dreamlike decadence in ‘Skazka Akzaks’ by Dima Hohlov for Interview Russia. The season of lights begins with a dizzying array of color and play. Stylist, Natalie Brewster, evokes the elegance of avant-garde wonder as flakes flurry and bubbles blow. Fashion and fantasy collide with artistic looks by Alexander McQueen, CélineCha

Kinga Rajzak Stars in Kitchy-Killer 'Mannequin Thriller'

Kinga Rajzak stars in the fashion slasher ‘Mannequin Thriller’ by Miles Aldridge for the March 2013 issue of Vogue Italia.  In the grand tradition of horror films, Aldridge has our leading lady mixing in with an army of mannequins masking unclear motives.  Daring to disturb, this innovative artist never shies away from a strong statement, with provocative stories that ca…

Kinga Rajzak is Electric in ‘Dazzle’ for 10 Magazine by Benjamin Lennox

Fashion 2012 goes radioactive in ‘Dazzle’ by Benjamin Lennox for the Autumn issue of 10 Magazine.  Kinga Rajzak is the perfect blank canvas, as she lets the art of the fashion shine through and the dynamic designs take center stage.  Celebrating the intricacy & decadence that has come to define this Fall’s extraordinary lineup, Hector Castro’s styling e…