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Miles Aldridge Vogue It

Miles Aldridge brings the ‘Beauty’ of the past back for Vogue Italia Beauty, March 2015. The secrets of 7 women are discovered in this powerful piece of retro time travel. Disguised in decadence swept up in splendor, each shot celebrates the spectacle of style. Julia Sarr-Jamois captures a vintage vibe with enigmatic outfits created for each unique individual. From the …

Tim Walker Makes Living Dolls in 'Babes In Toyland' W Mag

Tim Walker brings the world of childhood wonder to life in ‘Babes In Toyland’ for W Magazine. By creating living dolls that come straight out of a toy chest, this fantastical blend of fairy-tale magic brings beauty to life. Each shot propels the piece forward and gives us a peak beyond the boundaries of control. A daring mix of circus & couture, (Stylist) Edward Enningf

A Look at What's Ahead 'Spring's Best of Show' Knows How to Bring It

Valerija Kelava, Dasha Gold, Lisa Verberght & Laura O’Grady in ‘Spring’s Best of Show’ by Sofia Sanchez + Mauro Mongiello for Numéro Tokyo. Dizzying and erratic, this dynamic duo dares to go wild with a captivating look at this season’s best. A bold array of color and grey, (Stylist) Felipe Mendes captures our imagination with a series of styles that rang…