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Childhood Tales Turn into Fashion Art 'Heroine Chic'

Take a fantastical trip through your childhood with a collection of fairy-tales turned high fashion stories in ‘Heroine Chic’ by Chris Nicholls for Fashion Magazine (Canada). Using the art of experimental translation Pamela Bernier reinvents the modern heroine, playing such beloved parts as Goldilocks an the Three Bears, Charlotte’s Web, Mary had a Little …

A Rouge Explosion Pamela Bernier is on Fire 'Red'

A rouge explosion Pamela Bernier is on fire in ‘Red’ by Leda & St.Jacques for the November 2013 issue of Elle Canada. Reinventing the fiery hue, Red is reborn this season, escaping it’s sexy past in favor of a high fashion future. Bold and beautiful, coming out of a crimson cloud Bernier is dressed in a stunning selection of Red styles masterfully mixed by Sara Bruneau