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Edmund Aves Shoots a Story Inspired by 90's Rave Scene for Lurve

Edmund Aves is strictly uninhibited in ‘I Called U (But You Weren’t There)’ shot for Lurve Magazine, S/S 2014. Aves captures the ambiguity of the 90’s in this inspired take on the underground Rave party scene. You have to look back to see ahead, (Stylist) Moreno Galata goes hard-core by bringing forward vintage with a raw edge. Fashion speaks with looks by Ale

Sean & Seng Break Free in the Art of Beauty, Pop

Devon Windsor and Robbie McKinnon are exquisitely intertwined in this stunning ocean front scene shot by Sean & Seng for Pop Magazine. They capture our attention with a pictorial that speaks to the interplay of existence. Daring and demure, (Stylist) Max Pearmain uses designs to define both the pain and pleasure. Wearing a modern mix of avant-garde style, the ferocity of fashion is …