Posts featuring model Soo Joo

Nylon Mexico

Soo Joo takes over in ‘World Citizen’ by Andrew Kuykendall for the November 2013 issue of Nylon Magazine Mexico. Styled by Raul Guerrero, this edgy editorial employs a trend that has infiltrated the monochromatic world of minimalism, with simple shapes arbitrarily mixed in with a random selection of avant-garde designs. And while this eclectic concept is nothing new, when …

French Revue de Modes

Beauty speaks for itself in ‘In Solence’ a captivating combination of 13 cover-shots captured by Thierry Le Gouès for the F/W 2013.14 issue of French Revue de Modes. Bathed in a pink and blue glow a new breed of up-n-coming models blow up the bi-annual glossy by giving us a peak at the future faces of fashion. With looks that range from androgynous to exotic (stylist) Marc