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Listen... Listen... U Will Hear Truth Not Far but Ever Near

Thais Borges wears her feelings on her sleeve (so to speak) by Carlos Teixeira for Vogue Portugal May/June 2020. Pain Reveals as Time Does Heal… That the Winds of Change Will Blow Again. Sitting in the shadows of self the light invites us to breathe. This is a story of regrowth. Of personal development. Of coming into our own as we have been sheltered in the shadows of self. This has been a tim…

Beauty Takes a High Fashion Holiday

‘It’s A Small World’ Inside the Matrix of My Mind… Where Hope Runs Wild Like Animals Sublime… When What You Seek is the Truth You’ll Find… Words of Wonder Speak in Lyrical Rhymes. Carmen Amare, Ling Liu, Tess McMillan, Olivia Anakwe, Thais Borges & Faith Lynch perform on the stage in ‘It’s A Small World’ by David LaChap