Posts featuring model Veronika Vilim

Michi Kat Rides Rainbow of Life "Jack Early" Independence Day

Michi Kat rides a rainbow into Independence Day in “Jack Early” by Greg Kadel for Numéro Magazine, June 2016. Ana Cristina, Rhiannon McConnell & Veronika Vilim pushes pride with designs that define our love of country. Red, White & Blue Celebrates the Colors of America, while creativity captures our spirit of change. Tectonic imagery invites us to move as dyna…

Dive Inside Agro-Annointed Punk Pool "Cherry Bombz" for Love

Anna Cleveland dives into a retro revival in “Cherry Bombz” by Willy Vanderperre for Love Magazine, Spring/Summer 2016. Authentically inspired imagery honors the era of the Club Kids, in a story that celebrates the art of the eclectic. Caught in the agro-annointed punk scene, Anna inspires by playing the decadent disco queen. Known as an era of indulgence, this time would …

Fall Into a 'Free Spirit' by Christian Anwander for Amica

Alexandra T & Veronika Vilim fall into a ‘Free Spirit in this flexible story shot by Christian Anwander for Amica Magazine. I bend I break, I’ll not forsake all that comes to me. I twist I turn, I deign to learn all that life’s to be. Stylist, Ye Young Kim, finds the fluid side of avant-garde fashion with modern designs from A.F. Vandevorst, Blumarine, Calvin Klein